jax taylor has filmed "Vanderpump Rules" for a couple of years and the show has come to represent his life in public. Taylor, who has been the so-called bad boy of the show, seems to accept that fans love him or hate him. This season, many fans are finding it hard to have sympathy for Taylor, as he was caught cheating his loving girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright. On the show, Taylor revealed that he didn't find his girlfriend sexy and while he wanted to be with her in a relationship, he wasn't attracted to her sexually.

This was all something that Taylor's mistress, Faith Stowers, revealed after a recording was discovered on her phone.

She had recorded the conversation with Jax after they had slept together. Taylor was furious that the footage was surfacing and that Brittany had to hear it.

This is real life

For many people, it sounds like Jax Taylor is indeed living the bad boy life with very little respect for women and relationships. It's clear that many people can't relate to Jax and his decision to cheat so many times. On the show, he has admitted to cheating on almost every single girlfriend he's had been. Fans of "Vanderpump Rules" have been along for the ride for several years and many people truly thought that he had changed after meeting Brittany. Since he cheated on her several times, it sounds like nothing can change his ways.

Some fans are having a hard time believing that this is real life as he admitted to cheating on her while he claimed to be a changed man.

But according to a new tweet, Taylor reveals that he isn't lying about his life and that the show isn't scripted whatsoever. He points out that they are indeed filming his real life and that he is indeed being honest about everything that is going on.

Opening up old wounds

It sounds like Jax Taylor has started to open up about his old wounds and dealing with his bad behavior. It's clear that he is struggling to find the words to explain all the pain and suffering he has caused, but Jax is now getting professional help and his friend from SUR, his manager Peter, introduced him to a Reiki specialist that seems to be helping him.

On the previous episode of "Vanderpump Rules," Jax revealed that he was done pretending to be someone else and that she should use his real name, which is Jason. Perhaps he's changing now as he recently lost his father to cancer. Maybe he's realizing that he can't keep hiding behind a name and a persona when he is truly hurting inside.

What do you think about Jax Taylor denying being on the scripted show? Do you think that everything he shares on the show is indeed his real life, his real mistakes, and his real heartbreaks?