It's week 7 of 'The Bachelor', which means there are only seven women left vying for one of four spots to take Bachelor Arie Luyendyk Jr. home to their families. Expect some amazing dates in the hills of Tuscany. Right off the bat, the women get the news that there will be no rose ceremony. This means everyone will either get a rose or go home on their dates. So you know Arie has pretty much made up his mind already about who’s going home. Let's see what happens on the most dramatic episode of the Bachelor yet.

Date 1: Becca K.

Arie took Becca on his first date but knows nothing about this girl now.

And to be honest, neither do I. (bring back Bibiana) She asked a man who only speaks Italian how to say ‘small’ in Italian. So Becca is maybe not the brightest bulb. Yet mere hours later, Arie is certain that he cares about this woman. I don’t know what was in that bread and cheese, but it worked. She’s also watched enough Bachelor to know exactly what she’s supposed to say the week before hometowns to make him want to keep her around.

Meanwhile, back at the house, Jacqueline is not feeling so hot for Arie. And her confidante, Kendall, is like "get out my way, then”. But in a very supportive friend kind of way. How sweet.

Jacqueline decides she needs to talk to Arie tonight. He’s like why didn’t you tell me sooner?

And she’s like…uh cause I’m here for the crazy trips to Paris and Italy. Duh. But wait. Jacqueline’s making out with him now. Was this all just an elaborate ploy to get more time with Arie? If so, well played. But looks like it’s real and everyone’s odds of moving on just went up.

Date 2: Lauren

Lauren gets the second one-on-one and puts herself in first place on everyone’s hit list.

Lauren got the last date before hometowns speech script, too. But Arie is wondering why he doesn’t feel very connected to one of 20 women he’s gone on dates on in the past couple weeks. But when Lauren opens up and says she’s falling in love, Arie really awkwardly gets the urge to go stand in the trees for a little. BUT WAIT.

He comes back. Not to tell her goodbye, but to say he’s falling for her, too (is that allowed?) and to give her a rose. He must really want to bang her.

Date 3: Sienne

Arie wants to go deep in Sienne. And I don’t blame him. It doesn’t help that Sienne is basically wearing lingerie as a shirt. He fails to cut pizza dough and tells some old Italian ladies that he doesn’t love Sienne yet. Maybe by the end of this date, he will. But when Sienne gives the same…I needed this date to know we’re meant to be, Arie balks. I think deep down he knows Sienne is too good for him. I’m rooting for her to go live her fullest life without him.

Date 4: Tia, Kendall, and Bekah M.

Finally, the group date. Looking forward to some serious drama here.

Going to just put it out there that I’m really rooting for Kendall here. Tia. Girl. “I don’t want to be petty, but I’m gonna be.” Real women lift other women up, they don’t tear them down. And then Tia has the nerve to say she’s big sister to Bekah. Give me a break. Thank goodness that Bekah can come back and defend herself. And in classic Bachelor fashion, the pot is stirred by leaving the feuding Tia and Bekah in a two-on-one date, while Kendall happily leaves with her rose.

As much as I dislike Tia, I have to admit that Bekah constantly seems more like Arie's daughter than anything else. She always seems to just curl up against him and depend on him so much. And maybe Arie feels the same way because he sends her home. I think this is going to be really tough on Bekah, who may have disappeared shortly after this.

Tune in next week to visit the hometowns of Becca K., Lauren, Kendall and Tia!