Not every sister duo decides to do completely nude, very intimate photoshoots together, but then again – not everyone is a Hadid!

Vogue Magazine's cover featuring the famous supermodel sisters is definitely ‘disturbing’ the internet. The cover features Bella and Gigi completely naked, hair wet, with Gigi’s legs wrapped around Bella’s waist. Gigi also holds her hand against Bella’s chest. The two are positioned very close to one another, with the majority of their naked bodies on show.

Has Bella and Gigi's Vogue shoot gone too far?

Obviously, the two girls being sisters but sitting in what one might call an ‘intimate’ pose has caused some to call the photoshoot “incestuous and disgusting.” The social media reaction has been pretty overwhelmingly disturbed, with some questioning the lines between what is artistic fashion, and what is inappropriate considering the two are siblings.

A select few have praised the photos artistic integrity and questioned why it is so inappropriate for sisters to be naked together. Some have said that is completely natural for the two sisters to be naked positioned in close proximity, calling the image 'beautiful' and 'sweet.'

It’s not just the nudity that has put the internet and social media offside – many claim that Bella’s face has been heavily photoshopped, which is obviously quite concerning considering she is one of the most iconic supermodels working today. There have also been allegations that Gigi and Bella’s bodies have been photoshopped, with many noticing the girls looking super-thin in the image.

Gigi and Bella's mother Yolanda loves the image

But the mother of the genetically blessed sisters and former model Yolanda ('The Real Housewives') has thrown her support behind the shoot. When asked about the Vogue image, she replied “I love it, love the skin you’re in baby.” The social media reaction towards Yolanda has also been unfavorable, with some saying she should have known better than to let her daughters pose in such a provocative shoot.

The usually squeaky-clean sisters aren't having the best run of publicity - with Gigi's brush with racism controversy in Shanghai, and the two sisters being omitted from the Victoria's Secret fashion show in 2017, it isn't a dream run from them! So far there has been no reaction to this controversy from the sisters directly.

Neither Gigi or Bella have shared the photo on social media, but both have referenced it on Instagram when posting their respective solo Vogue covers.

What do you think? Sweet sisterly innocence? Or have Vogue taken it too far with their disturbing shoot? Should Yolanda have stepped in?