Throughout the Tournament of Power, we’ve seen Ultra Instinct on several occasions, 3 times to be more specific. If there’s something that is clear, it's that this form or fighting style; as described in the latest preview, has different stages or evolutions. However, we’ve seen the Ultra Instinct (as a fighting style) more than once. Before starting the Tournament of Power, we saw Whis, who mastered this form, being able to use it imperceptibly, unlike Goku, who suffers aesthetic changes from adopting this form.

Level 1:

We saw the weakest part of the Migatte no Gokui in episode 115 and 116, since Goku, in his battle with Kefla, activated the ultra instinct for the second time, but in a slightly less effective way than the previous time when he fought against Jiren.

Goku could use the defensive part of this fighting style against Kefla, but without access to the offensive part, besides this, the drain of power seemed overwhelming, tiring him with each movement he made. To this, we add the fact that he didn't activate it right since Goku was aware of his actions and the brain was still involved in the body's decisions, which greatly diminished its effectiveness.

Evolution 2:

The second evolution would be the one that Goku activated for the first time, in his first battle against Jiren. This stage represented 50% of the power of the Ultra Instinct, having the defense partly managed, being submerged in the trance, but with little control on offense since Goku struck a direct hit to Jiren, added to an attack of energy but had little effect on the warrior from Universe 11.

Evolution 3:

The third evolution would be the one we saw in episode 128. This evolution represents 75% of the complete power of the Ultra Instinct. The trigger was different from Jiren's, and not a rooted trigger like Kefla's. You notice slight mastery of the offensive part, and complete control of the defensive part, along with the separation of mind and body being completely controlled.

The perfect Ultra Instinct

The last stage of Ultra Instinct is the one we’ll see in episode 129, with Goku mastering all the skills of this transformation. His hair becomes silver and his defensive and offensive skills are perfected. His net power continues being low, but the fighting style is perfected, and, thanks to this, he could defeat (in theory) a god of destruction.

So far this has been the latest news referring to the "Dragon Ball" world. If there is more, we'll be communicating it as quickly as possible.