Chevy Chase would routinely make 'non-P.C.' comments to his co-star Donald Glover during the filming of the NBC sitcom 'community,' according to a profile on Glover in 'The New Yorker.'

The pair starred together as part of an ensemble cast in 'Community,' the off-kilter campus comedy about adult students at the fictional Greendale Community College. According to the show's creator, Dan Harmon, the 'SNL' alum and former, 'National Lampoon's Vacation' star often attempted to disrupt scenes with Glover by making disparaging remarks about the African-American actor's ethnicity between takes.

Harmon put the behavior down to Chase's jealousy at Glover's talents, suggesting he made the jokes as an attempt to throw the young up-and-comer off. One such comment quoted in the article is “People think you’re funnier because you’re black.” Reportedly Harmon apologized to Glover directly after "a particularly rough night of Chevy’s non-P.C. verbiage."

Chase has a history of bad behind-the-scenes behavior

Dan Harmon later went on to create 'Rick and Morty,' and is no stranger to controversy himself. He and Chase had previously come to blows during a party to celebrate the end of the show's third season. Harmon was subsequently fired as showrunner after playing a profane voicemail from the actor, received after that confrontation, at a public event.

During Chase's time on 'Community' writer, Megan Ganz suggested a lot of his humor "comes from a different time," which co-star Alison Brie described as "crass."

Yvette Brown, who played the character of Shirley, said in the same interview that "Maybe he was from a time when women weren't empowered enough to speak up. I'm glad that we're in a time now where if you are offended or upset by something someone says, you feel empowered to say, 'That's not right.'"

The profile comes as a promotion for the second season of 'Atlanta,' the F/X show Glover eventually left 'Community,' and the character of Troy Barnes, to create.

Chase similarly departed the show, where he played the role of Pierce Hawthorne, at the end of its fourth season. Glover expressed sympathy towards Chase, who he saw as an older star struggling with his fading fame.

When asked for comment, Chase said, “I am saddened to hear that Donald perceived me in that light.” The comedian and actor, who recently appeared in cameo roles in 'Hot Tub Time Machine' and a 'Vacation' reboot, has a history of controversial behavior. Bill Murray is rumored to have gotten into a fistfight with Chase backstage on 'SNL,' and has continued to be divisive presence behind-the-scenes on the sketch show during guest appearances.