Counter-terror police have swung into action to investigate a mysterious package that arrived at St James's Palace, London. It was addressed to Prince Harry, and Meghan Markle and its contents included some white powder apart from a letter with ‘racist’ undertones. This is being treated as a hate crime as confirmed by the police.

Sky News reports that the package was received at the sorting office of St James's Palace which is home to several members of the Royal Family and their household offices. The initial investigation by the Met Police has indicated that the substance has been found to be non-suspicious, and inquiries are on.

The substance was not dangerous

St James's Palace is situated in London some distance away from Kensington Palace, where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle are living. He has confirmed his relationship with Meghan and the two are getting married on May 19. She is an actress from Hollywood and is of mixed race origin. That was probably the reason she was subjected to harassment in the past. Harry had taken the matter seriously. He went to the social media in her support and issued a strongly-worded statement about the harassment and racism.

The police are trying to establish whether the white powder in the mysterious package had any link to an incident of a package that had been received in the Parliament the previous day.

It also contained white powder.

The Guardian adds that the package set off an anthrax scare, but after detailed investigation, that has been ruled out. Anthrax is a substance that can be deadly when in the form of powder. There have been instances in the past of several scares that involved harmless white powder sent to prominent people, probably to create panic.

Work on the movie is progressing

The London Police are busy investigating the package and the hate crime, but Meghan must be excited about the forthcoming movie “Harry & Meghan: A Royal Romance” based on the fairytale romance between her and Harry.

According to People, the cast of the movie has been announced. It would have an international cast with Australian actor Burgess Abernethy as Prince William.

Alongside him, Singapore-born, Laura Mitchell will play Kate Middleton. Laura is a native of Vancouver where the movie is being shot.

Jamaican-American actress Parisa Fitz-Henley will be seen as Meghan Markle, while Murray Fraser, the Scottish actor, will play the role of Prince Harry.

Actors selected to portray the roles of the late Lady Diana, Queen Elizabeth, Prince George and Princess Charlotte have also been identified. The movie will begin with Meghan and Harry’s first date set up by a mutual friend – it was a blind date.