The audience loves action-packed movies and Tom Cruise has become a master at churning out this genre of movies via his Mission: Impossible series. The latest is “Mission: Impossible - Fallout,” which is expected to be released in July.

Collider reports that the release has been delayed because of an accident that the actor suffered when shooting an action sequence last August. He loves to do his own action sequences, and in this case, he broke his ankle. As a result, work on the movie had to be temporarily shelved till he recovered. The action involved slamming into the side of the building, but his ankle got in the way.

The first five movies in this series of films have done well at the box office, making a lot of money for Tom Cruise and the studios. It is an expectation that the sixth film will be able to do that as well, with a lot of familiar faces from the first five movies returning for what is expected to be an action-packed endeavor.

About the movie

Mission: Impossible - Fallout,” is another adventure for Ethan Hunt, in which he has to recover from a mission that did not go the way it was planned. He and his IMF team have to race against time to make a success of an apparently failed mission. The cast has known faces and is directed by Christopher McQuarrie.

The New Zealand Herald adds that the movie is behind by nine weeks because of the unfortunate accident to Cruise that happened while shooting a stunt scene.

He is a powerful actor and a born leader. During an appearance at "The Graham Norton Show," he admitted that he knew immediately after the shot of his broken ankle and realized that the work would be delayed. The injury has not healed but he wants to finish the work on the movie to meet the deadline of July 2018.

Action movies are always hits

Movies of Tom Cruise are always a treat to watch because they handle issues that appeal to the viewer. The stories are plausible and the actors make the characters come to life. Action sequences are invariably of a high quality and made to look like child’s play. Each of them bears the stamp of a master, and “Mission: Impossible - Fallout” will be no exception.

This is the sixth film in the series and, with each one, Tom Cruise has gone from strength to strength. The viewer can relate to stories of this nature that might appear to be farfetched but could happen to any one of us in real life. Moviemakers love to build on such sentiments and create box office material.