In this Week's episode of "Riverdale" titled, "The Wrestler," we see Archie going to great lengths to make sure he earns Hiram's and Betty's trust. Betty is just starting to realize that she has more in common with her long-lost brother than she initially thought. The episode also follows Jughead as he digs deep into Riverdale's dark past, but not without hurting some of his Serpent friends. With that said, let's delve further into details and discuss this episode's key moments.

Chic's dark secret exposed

First, let's talk about the Coopers who are dealing with Chic's arrival.

While Alice and Betty want him to stay for as long as he likes, Hal doesn't share their enthusiasm. Instead, he keeps insulting Chic, saying how he is only there because Alice wants to fill the void that Polly left. Then, Chic and Betty bond over the fact that they both have similar scars. So later at school, Betty shows her friends a picture of Chic, and Kevin says that he looks incredibly familiar and then reveals to Betty that her brother works as a webcam model or a video gigolo.

Chic later pays a visit to the hostel but returns home angry because he finds out that Marcel threw out all his stuff including his laptop and camera, and he is now unable to make any money. But Betty jumps in and loans him her old laptop and a web camera, and then he agrees to help her make sense of that darkness that she is feeling.

The origins of the Serpents

In class, Cheryl gets this report on how her great-great-grandfather should be the one being honored and not general Pickens. Jughead seems pretty bored by this whole presentation, but when the class is over, the teacher reminds him that his oral report is due next week. So he decides to interview Toni's grandfather who just happens to be the longest-living Serpent.

Jughead ends up learning that the Serpents were founded by surviving members Uktana tribe who used to own all the Riverdale land until General Pickens who was hired by Colonel Blossom slaughtered hundreds of tribe members, women and children included.

The criminal apprenticeship of Archie Andrews begins

Throughout the whole episode, Archie is trying really hard to earn Hiram's trust so he can feed the FBI agent information about his criminal affairs.

So he joins the wrestling team, which seemed like a pretty bad idea, at first, since Hiram was not impressed with his skills. But then, Archie somehow miraculously wins his first match against the experienced Chuck Clayton. As a result, he is accepted into the Lodge family but only after Archie told Hiram that he will study business instead of music.