The cast of "Teen Mom 2" has long been known for their often controversial decisions about pregnancies and marriages, but now, it is one of the show's stars comments on Twitter that has landed them in the headlines for all the wrong reasons. According to a new report, Briana DeJesus shared a now-deleted post on her Twitter page earlier this week that seemingly poked fun at the recent YouTube clip shared by Logan Paul from the Suicide Forest in Japan.

"My sister just made me watch a video of a whole bunch of boys going into the suicide forest to explore," Briana DeJesus wrote in her deleted tweet, according to a report by Hollywood Life on January 3.

She then added that men are "pu**ies." Unfortunately, however, the post didn't go over as well with her many fans and followers and right away, people began tweeting to MTV about firing her. Others labeled the former "Teen Mom 3" star as "ignorant" and "dumb" for getting pumped up for a future exploration of an area of Japan where people are known to take their own lives.

Briana DeJesus attempted to backtrack but fans weren't having it

Briana DeJesus attempted to shut down the backlash by stating that her tweet was not in reference to the video shared by Logan Paul, which included a suicide victim. She even said that she spoke of seeing a group of men visit the forest and pointed out that Paul's video clip featured females as well.

However, the majority of her fans and followers didn't appear to believe her and said that it seemed awfully coincidental that her tweet would be about anyone else because Paul had been making so many headlines at the time.

"Get [Briana DeJesus] off the show NOW!!!!" one person wrote on Twitter.

"This is absolutely disgusting."

Briana DeJesus wants to see the 'beautiful scenery' of the suicide forest

In addition to her tweet about watching the video, Briana DeJesus revealed to her fans and followers on Twitter that she was planning to visit the suicide forest this coming May and joked that she had received a good deal on Groupon.

She even poked fun at the items she would be bringing on her trip to Japan. Then, after fans continued to criticize her tweets, DeJesus said she had educated herself about the area and wanted to go there to see the "beautiful scenery" and the nearby "ice caves."

Briana DeJesus went on to reveal that she has experienced suicide in her family. "My uncle committed suicide so I had my fair share also it’s life, things happen like that everyday," she wrote.