Over the past several months, many women have come forward acknowledging that they were sexually assaulted by someone in Hollywood. As award season rages on, some in Hollywood are ready to show true appreciation for these brave women. While presenting an honor at the SAG Awards, actresses Rosanna Arquette and Marisa Tomei decided to take a moment and acknowledge the amazing accomplishments of these women in taking down some of the industry's most pervasive problematic people.

Arquette, Tomei preach

When the two actresses went up on stage, smiling, nobody quite knew what to expect.

But the moment very quickly became emotional, with Arquette acknowledging the "powerful voices" that are fighting for positive change. The actresses then took it a step further, naming some of the people who have spoken out against Hollywood's elite before Tomei pointed out that Arquette herself was an accuser of Harvey Weinstein.

Reaction on Twitter came fast and furious, with the two actresses drawing universal acclaim for again bringing the movement to the forefront of the conversation in Hollywood.

Patricia Arquette commended her sister and Tomei, while the audience applauded from their seats at the SAG Awards. Even Anthony Rapp, the first accuser of Kevin Spacey, went to Twitter to give a shoutout to Tomei.

Personal for Arquette

For Arquette, getting on the SAG Awards stage with Tomei and commending a powerful group of women probably wasn't the hardest thing she's ever had to do.

Coming forward against Harvey Weinstein was likely a much bigger challenge. Her moment came in a New Yorker expose back in October, more than three months ago. She claimed that she went to meet Weinstein at the Beverly Hills Hotel in the early 1990s so she could pick up a film script. When she went to his room, however, she was greeted by the film producer in a bathrobe.

Things only escalated from there, with Weinstein demanding a neck massage, only to direct Arquette's hand towards his genitalia. After she recoiled in horror and ran out of the room, Weinstein threatened her and only cast her in one movie for the rest of his time in charge of his company.

But women like Arquette have rendered Weinstein's power obsolete, forcing him into virtual hiding and out of power in Hollywood. The SAG Awards proved the perfect opportunity to point out the progress being made while looking towards the journey ahead.