Alright, I have to talk about this film, because this is a film for everyone who has ever seen any pop culture media. Which is basically everything and everyone. This is a movie for everyone to watch, and the more I watch the more excited I become. The trailer is packed with so many Easter Eggs that YouTube is blowing up with breakdown videos analyzing the trailers. There are different trailers and extended trailers that have more hidden in them. I am not going to point out every Easter egg, but I encourage you to look for them in the background.

'Ready Player One' trailer has some characters you did not recognize the first time

For this, you may watch the trailer first and follow along, or you can read first and then try to find secrets that I missed.

This film is directed by the great Steven Spielberg who has directed so many famous films it's hard to keep track. Such as "Jaws," "Indiana Jones," "Jurassic Park," E.T.," and many more. Now, this film is set in the year 2045, which surprised me because that's only 27 years from now! If you are into the virtual reality world like myself you understand that it is growing fast, but I am not sure that the "Oasis" will be available by then and even so it will cost a lot of money. Which brings me to an interesting point.

In an extended trailer, we find out that the "Oasis" is a big economy booster, and brings in billions of dollars. Think about gaming today and how much gamers add to our economy. We are now adding the factor of VR in people's homes, which will bring in the big bucks because at the moment VR in your home is quite expensive. None the less, we can still hope for the future, considering the technology we have created in the past 20 years.

Maybe Spielberg isn't as far off as I think.

The first major egg that you will see in the beginning shots is "The Iron Giant." This is a cartoon film that came out in 1999, and I remember watching it when I was a kid. Car racing and car drifting in famous locations are big in the gaming world, especially now that it's coming to VR.

The next shot is a battlefield where a superhero is riding a giant scorpion. It's hard to make out who exactly it is, but in the next shot we follow a character that kills Freddy Krueger from the film "The Nightmare on Elm Street." Then it cuts to an Orc from the "Hobbit" trilogy shooting a machine gun and driving a monster truck. The ending scene is a bunch of workers getting to their stations to play as "bots" in the gaming world. There are usually computer generated robots that play along with the player following a formula. We see other characters racing these bots in an intense car race. Which includes a familiar bike from the movie "Tron."

My thoughts on the trailer

The first time I saw this trailer, I did not catch a lot of the other characters in the trailer and I will admit I wasn't as excited.

However, when I watch it again and really see all of the icons in it, I became very excited to see this film. Here's why. The film is about the world of gaming in VR. If you have never tried VR yet, you need to. It literally is a whole other world that you enter. I know because I worked two years designing a VR game for school. I got to go under the helmet and test the game almost every day. We already have games were you can throw, kick, punch, run, swim, and fight your way out. We aren't just drawing in VR anymore, we are breaking boundaries. I played a VR zombie game, where I felt like I was in "The Walking Dead" series, and it feels so real I would scream and take off the helmet many times.

If you are a big gamer and film fanatic this will be your jam. There are a lot of gaming references in the film, as well as gaming concepts. If you understand the game design and building blocks of games then you will like this film. There seems to be a lot of film characters in this film, as I pointed out earlier, and it's always a blast when you see your favorite character referenced in another film. This is also a Spielberg film, and I know there are a lot of Spielberg fans out there. The cinematography looks incredible, the storyline is really interesting, the animation looks almost too real, and it has a lot of pop culture references that will be fun to see.

This is the second trailer for the film, which gives you way more backstory on the film.

It also provides some shots of how the game looks and feels inside and out. This trailer is also chock full of Easter eggs that were not in the first trailer. We also see that it's more than just playing a game. If you find the Easter egg in the game you win half a trillion dollars. So everyone is out to get that prize, including the government.

Many more Easter eggs I missed, but YouTube didn't

This quick video points out all of the Easter eggs from the second trailer. Mostly gaming and film references that will surprise you.

This is going to be a great film for the family. If you watch the second trailer you will notice some famous actors in it. Including Ben Mendelsohn who was in "Rogue One," and Tye Sheridan who was in "X-Men Apocalypse." This film comes out March 30, 2018...are you ready?