If you are like me and have seen parts of the "Ocean's" films, and know the premise of them, then you will probably want to read this. My brother and guy friends love the "Ocean's 11", "Ocean's 12", and "Ocean's 13" films. It involves a delightfully large cast of famous actors who plan together to steal priceless gems.

A fun and comedic film for the whole family to enjoy. Now, this new film inspires me to watch the previous films before I see this one, but you don't have too. Although the trailer reveals hints about her families thief life regarding the other films, it doesn't mean you have to watch all three before this new one.

"The Hobbit" trilogy came after the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy, but that doesn't mean you should watch "The Hobbit" first.

Calling all fans from all forms of media.

Please watch the trailer before reading on.

The trailer starts off with Sandra Bullock's character lying about how she wants a simple life. The images of fine jewelry indicate what she really is thinking about. She meets with a friend and discusses her plan in needing seven more partners to accomplish the heist. It then introduces each new character and their special skills that will be useful in stealing. One thing I will point out right away is the beat of the trailer synced with the music. Every cut lines up with that sick guitar strum.

It really moves the trailer along and gets the audience bobbing their heads and are delightfully intrigued.

Now, the new characters, which are a big aspect of this film. All of them are big movie stars, and almost all of them are all women. Starting off we have Sandra Bullock, who is in so many amazing films it's unbelievable.

To name a few films she was in: "Gravity," "The Blindside," "Miss Congeniality," and that's a small amount. Its hard to not be a fan of hers and if you are then this film will be on your must-see list. Next is Cate Blanchett, who is also in many films all over the world, but famously from "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy. Mindy Kaling who has her own TV show called "The Mindy Project," but was most know for her role in "The Office."

The lovely musician Rhianna is next on the list, which is exciting to see her in a film and expanding her talent.

If you are a Rhianna fan check out this film and see another side of her. The crazy talented Helena Bonham Carter is in the trailer for those of you who are "Sweeney Todd," "Harry Potter," and "Fight Club" fans. You can't miss her, and I am excited to see what role she will play in this film. We also have Awkwafina known for her role in "Neighbors 2", her character seems like the fun and comedic relief.

The list continues with the one an only Sarah Paulson who is known for her big roles in the TV show "American Horror Story," and "The People Vs. O.J. Simpson: An American Crime Story." She plays a number of different roles, so I am interested in her role in this film.

Next, to last, we have the amazing Anne Hathaway, who is also known for 100's of films.

To name a few, we have "The Devil Wears Prada," "Les Miserables," and "The Princess Diaries."

I also noticed James Corden in the trailer as well, which is very exciting because I love his late night show. As you can read, this film has an amazing cast, let's hope that the story will be just as good.

Thoughts on the trailer and online ratings.

According to IMDB, they have rated based on popularity a 54% and falling. Which leaves me to wonder why? Is it too early to release the trailer? Or is this cast not as good as I suspect it to be? I am sure that there will be people who are against this film. But Sandra urges viewers to see the film before they get any bad thoughts beforehand. She tried not to give many details away and wants to leave surprises in the film.

To me, I think that this all-girl cast is a big step in the film world and will have an impact.

They have brought a crew of famous ladies from all forms of media to entertain us and enjoy all of these stars in some fun and amusing roles. We have actors from all different roles, which brings in a huge fan base for the film.

That's a smart move. If you are a Sarah Paulson fan who only has seen her in "American Horror Story," then you are already interested in seeing this film because you love this actress. Same with Sandra Bullock fans, Helena Bonham Carter, and Rhianna. There are films out there with a poor plot, but great actors that can uplift a film.

So let us trust Sandra Bullock when she says that there will be surprises in the film and to have fun watching some of our favorite actresses kick booty in this movie which released on June 8, 2018.