While 2017 was a blast in terms of celebrity couples getting engaged, new star babies being born, and a long list of new hit songs by up-and-coming artists, old-schoolers like Eminem, The Killers, and Muse are shaking up the stage at 2018's Bonnaroo festival. The heavy kickback list of musicians is sure to bring a large crowd.

Never heard of Bonnaroo?

Held at The farm, a local plot of land off interstate 24, the music festival hopes to bring up its sales and body count this year as their purchased tickets as of 2016 and 2017 plummeted. Eminem is sure to be pulling in crowd numbers with his second appearance at the Tennessee festival as his newest album "Revival" was recently released, according to his personal Twitter feed, allowing for more publicity both for himself and Bonnaroo as it reclaims its fame.

The summer festival also lists multiple other popular groups and solo artists such as Kaskade, T-Pain, and even the mellow-toned Bon Iver. The genres vary from EDM played by Dillon Francis to good old Tennessee charm by a Bluegrass group. There is music for every type of person, and if you're ready to explore there's plenty of new musicians and time to check out the new scene coming in with the New Year of 2018.

According to the Bonnaroo site, tickets do go on sale in a few days on January 12th with prices starting at at least $300 for the June celebration of love and connectivity, music and art, as well as health and well-being.

What can you do?

While many guests will want to only see what Bonnaroo has to offer for a single day, the best way to really get in touch with the community of music lovers is to stay for the entire four-day festival.

Other than intense musical artists coming to perform there are plenty of other activities to participate in while at The Farm. While enjoying your stay you can sleep in your car, a tent, or even amp it up by "glamping" where you sit.

During the day you can travel across The Farm to take part in art classes, yoga gatherings, parades, and a short marathon!

There are even tents set up where you can add yourself to the census or create your own "yearbook" of family and friends from the festival. Following the theme of farms, you can also visit a few barns for meditation or dance, depending on your tastes. 2017 featured U2, but 2018 is sure to knock last year out of the water.

There are hundreds of combinations of activities to choose from and only a short amount of time to squeeze it all in, while some say sleep is for the weak.