After an amazing year for her, Country singer Carrie Underwood rang in the New Year a little differently this year. As previously reported, the ‘American Idol’ alum fell and broke her wrist outside of her house in early November (following the CMA Awards which she hosted with Brad Paisley). At the time, that was all we know, and her fans were praying for a safe and speedy recovery.

In a story that she’s “finally ready to talk about,” Underwood admits that it was more than her wrist that was injured that day. Unfortunately, her face was also injured, and the recovery for that has been “absolutely brutal.”

Carrie tells her fans the truth

Underwood explains the process in a blog post on her members-only section of her fan club website.

She says that she is doing regular physical therapy on her wrist and although it is coming along, the Freak Accident has “changed [her] life.” When she came out of surgery the night of her fall, the doctor told her husband, Mike, that there were 40-50 stitches put on her face.

The Country star took to Instagram to post a photo over Christmas but chose to not show her whole face

Fans cautioned she will look different

Underwood did not specify where the stitches are on her face but note that however it heals, she will likely look different next time she’s on camera. Underwood shared with fans that after seven weeks of recovery, she is ready to tell people, but not ready to show them.

As bad as it sounds, however, she is grateful for the people who have been by her side since November.

Underwood wrote on her blog that the injuries could have been much worse, and without the aid of her friends and family, her recovery would not have been possible.

Following the news, fans took to Twitter to show their support:

Plans for 2018

As the Country star waves goodbye to 2017, she states that this year she has encountered numerous trials and triumphs.

She hopes that someday she can fully share these ups and downs that marked this year her “hardest yet.” In sharing her story, she hopes to help others heal knowing that they are not alone in their trials.

She's been keeping a relatively low profile since the accident, but shared photos of her Canadian Christmas holiday with husband, Mike, and son Isaiah.

This first week of 2018 is already looking up for Underwood as she's been spotted in the recording studio working on new music. She promised fans on her webpage that she would keep them updated on her news, and wishes everyone a happy new year.