There is no doubt that Bruno Mars was the star of the 60th Grammy Awards show. His debut performance of "Finesse" along with Cardi B was show-stopping as expected and seemed to be heavily inspired by the television show "In Living Color." The funky beats, colorful outfit, and choreographed dance moves were the highlights of the evening, proving that this style of R&B continues to be in demand, even in a hip-hop-dominated world. Mars was also the big winner of the evening, walking away with six of the coveted trophies. Bruno's fans love him as he always delivers and now he has the Grammy's to prove it.

Bruno Mars steals the show at the Grammys

Mars and Cardi B debuted the video to "Finesse" earlier in the year and according to Rolling Stone Magazine, the live performance did justice to the video. Cardi B was the first on stage in a colorful outfit and delivered her opening verse in grand style. The camera then went to a different stage where Mars, his band, and back up singers performed to the delight of a very engaged audience. Bruno and his dancers glided across the stage, in moves that brought to mind Michael Jackson and Prince. At the end of the song, Cardi B was back and it truly was "Finesse" and "Magic"

The performance by Bruno Mars was loaded with everything that most music fans look for.

The song has a great danceable beat and is fun to listen to. The lyrics could be easily understood, did not degrade women and were not laced with profanity or sexually explicit lyrics. Outside of Cardi B's outfit, which showed a lot of cleavage, the television debut of "Finesse" was pretty tame.

Mars walked away with six top Grammy awards

The 60th Grammy Awards was also quite an eye-opening event. Not only did Bruno steal the show with his performance of "Finesse," he also took home six of the top honors. Mars won Album of the Year, Best R&B Album, and Record of the year for "24K Magic.

He also won the Grammy for Song of the Year, R&B Song of the Year, and Best R&B performance for "That's what I like it."

Bruno Mars makes no secret of the fact that he was heavily influenced by black R&B performers of decades past. He has incorporated the sound, energy and dance moves into a modern-day brand that is definitely working for him. His performance at the 60th Grammys was engaging, entertaining, electrifying, and had the audience on their feet in a way that has not been seen for decades. Mars has a way of making his fans feel the music, and those who were upset by his wins should instead take note of why he won as big as he did.