A "Today" replacement for Matt Lauer is NBC's biggest dilemma in light of terminating one of its star anchors over allegations of "inappropriate sexual behavior." Megyn Kelly is believed to be a leading candidate in replacing Lauer, but a new report suggests that the network has someone else in mind to co-anchor the first two hours of the show with Savannah Guthrie.

Rumors on NBC's thoughts for 'Today' co-anchor replacement

According to Entertainment Tonight, NBC is reportedly considering Willie Geist to replace Matt Lauer. He's sat in for Lauer in the past and hosts "Sunday Today." So, he's already a member of the "Today" family.

What about Megyn Kelly and all the talk surrounding her helming the first edition of "Today"? The source reveals that the network wants to keep Megyn where she's at, which is the 9 AM hour of the show.

The network likes Megyn in her current role,” the show insider said. “The rumor around the 'Today' show offices is that Willie Geist could be the one to replace Matt.”

'Today' staff had rough week

After it was announced by Guthrie and "Today" colleague, Hoda Kotb, that Lauer was fired, social media went crazy over who'd replace Matt. An overwhelming number of users feared Megyn would take over and rallied to have Ann Curry return to the show. She left the show in 2012 after a reported fallout with the network and Lauer.

A separate show insider tells ET that changes need to be made over how things are done and "figure out our priorities." Matt Lauer's firing has made it a tough week for everyone and it's especially hit Guthrie hard. She hasn't been herself and is distant upon learning of Matt's scandal. She's said to be the most "visibly shaken" despite putting on a brave front and appearing cheerful for the cameras.

Other rumors about replacing Lauer

Reports galore point to Megyn as taking Matt's place. One Radar Online report even claims she and Hoda are in a "knife fight" to get the coveted spot. The report states that since Megyn has the hard news experience, she has "the edge" in getting the job.

Megyn Kelly has invited Lauer and his accusers to come on her show to share their experiences.

It's a shocking move by the network to allow this, but if anyone will push for answers, it's the former Fox News journalist. It remains to be seen if anyone will even consider taking up this offer!

How do you feel about Willie Geist replacing Matt Lauer on "Today?" Do you think he'd be a good fit for the show?