Syfy's "Superstition" did not air during it's usual Friday night timeslot on December 8th for one reason: the show is switching weeknights. According to a report by TV Series Finale, starting Thursday, December 14th, Superstition will air the back half of the season at 11 pm. For those who have shows that are now on hiatus, this can become a show for you to fill the void! If it comes on too late at night due to you having work the next day, you can DVR it or watch on Syfy's website in order to help get the show renewed for another season that would air some point next year.

'Superstition' so far

A report by Deadline sums the series up by calling it a supernatural family drama that deals with the occult. Calvin Hastings returns home to a family he's been estranged from for well over a decade after his latest military deployment. While his mother welcomes with open arms, the biggest source of tension comes from his father, patriarch Isaac Hastings (portrayed by Mario Van Peebles). It isn't long before Calvin's return home unlocks a myriad of secrets that turn his world upside down.

For starters, Calvin has a daughter with former flame May, the sheriff of LaRochelle. While Garvey is close to her grandparents, she's not remotely interested in bonding with a father who she perceives as merely a "sperm donor," and nothing more.

In the grand scheme of things, this is the tamest revelation of the series so far. The first episode deals with possessed snakes on a rampage, and while the Hastings Family are all about the supernatural, there are some things that happen that stun even Calvin.

Calvin joins a 'Very Superstitious' family business

To refresh some memories and get new viewers up to speed, an infernal known as The Dredge, a body snatcher with incredibly dangerous abilities (and our Big Bad for the season), causes Calvin to accidentally decapitate his own father.

This incident leads to a series of events which include his mother using magic to put his father's head back on, and discovering that his Isaac is an 800-year-old immortal. On top of that, he discovers that he has an unknown amount of older siblings due to the families his father has had in the past.

The rest of the season has our cast dealing with all different sorts of supernatural occurrences such as injuries that require journeying out to be healed, mirror worlds, meetings with half-breeds and mystics, and loads of family backstory and emotional moments that are bound to help Calvin gain perspective with his supernatural family and bring them all closer together.

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