On Wednesday, April 11, 2018 momager Kris Jenner gathered her family and made sure they flew out to Cleveland, Ohio to support Khloe while she was in labor with her first child. But, sadly, before Khloe was due to deliver her baby girl, rumors began spreading that her boyfriend Tristan Thompson, who is an NBA star for the Cleveland Cavaliers, cheated on her with several women. This shocking news about Tristan is so unbelievable, and people are asking, “Why would Tristan cheat on Khloe when she is due to have his Baby Girl in less than a week?” And to make matters worse, sources from the news site TMZ are also saying Khloe went ballistic after hearing the news that Tristan cheated on her.

Will Khloe Kardashian dump Tristan Thompson after hearing rumors that he cheated on her?

Before Khloe’s baby was born, people were saying Khloe wanted full custody of their child and she is making plans to dump Tristan. It’s sad to imagine these rumors are true and they are very similar to rumors about Khloe’s little sister Kylie Jenner while she was pregnant with her boyfriend Travis Scott's child. Also, after Kris Jenner heard the news that Travis cheated on Kylie with several night-club strippers, she supposedly paid Travis $4 million dollars to stay by Kylie’s side and remain in her life. This astonishing rumor makes me wonder, will Kris shell out another million-plus to keep Tristan by Khloe’s side too?

These rumors are mind-boggling and I feel sad to hear this type of news about my favorite "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" reality TV celebrity stars. Khloe deserves better and she certainly doesn't need to hear scandalous rumors that Tristan has been unfaithful to her.

Khloe Kardashian wrote a letter to Tristan Thompson thanking him for making her a mommy

Before the birth of Khloe’s and Tristan’s baby, people were very happy and envious of the loving couple. Tristan appeared to remain by Khloe’s side and this is the reason why she decided to stay in Cleveland, Ohio instead of flying back to the west coast to have her baby in Los Angeles.

Furthermore, in December 2017, when Khloe found out that she was pregnant, she wrote a lengthy Instagram post about her pregnancy. Khloe thanked Tristan for making her a mommy. Khloe also thanked her fans for their understanding and stated that she is feeling excited, nervous, eager, overjoyed and scared all at once. Khloe is an amazing woman and her fans had hoped to hear wedding plans in the near future for the couple.

Khloe Kardashian forgives Tristan Thompson for his alleged infidelity?

An insider from People reported that Khloe has already forgiven Tristan for his alleged infidelity. Khloe is so excited about being a new mom and she loves Tristan very much. I don't understand why people are trying to come between this amazing power-couple, because they need a lot of support from their loving fans. As of this writing, Khloe and Tristan haven't chosen a name for their baby girl. But, I am certain the public will soon know the name of their baby in a few days.