Eva Longoria Fans are going to be beside themselves this Christmas with the announcement from “Mr. and Mrs. Longoria.” After all the rumors and guessing “is she pregnant?” or “when is she going to have a baby?”...drum roll, please. Longoria and José Bastón, her husband of about a year, are expecting their first baby together. A baby boy.

Paparazzi can now have a real reason to say Longoria is pregnant. Having a four-month baby-in-the-oven bump, photographers and journalists will have a Merry Christmas with this story.

Longoria plus Bastón equals a baby

Usa Today announces Eva Longoria is formerly married to NBA star Tony Parker and actor Tyler Christopher. Romper.com divulges the baby will be born in the spring of 2018. Rest assured, as her belly gradually grows; we will hear every detail that the star watchers can squeeze out of the story in the months to come.

Longoria is 42, and this is her first child. Bastón is 49, and he has three children from a previous marriage reports USA Today. His three kids, José, Tali, and Mariana, are from a previous marriage with ex-wife Natalia Esperón details Romper.com. The baby with Longoria will make his fourth child. Longoria and Bastón were married in 2016.

According to USA Today, the father is currently no longer working as president of Televisa.

This is apparently a media company. The mother is producing and directing episodes of several TV series which include "Telenovela," "Black-ish," and "The Mick" reveals USA Today.

Rumors of a bun in the oven

There have been on and off rumors about pregnancy for the couple for years. Romper.com reports the rumors began to fly in April of this year.

Alert! Just because you wear a flowing dress or pick up a few extra pounds over the holidays, you too may be the target of the “Baby Papparazi.” So watch out ladies!

The baby rumor mill fired up again in September after fans viewed vacation photos posted on social media of the now mom-to-be Romper.com explained. The "Desperate Housewives" star wore a loose-fitting floral dress while in Athens, Greece with her husband commented Romper.com.

Just because a woman wears a loose-fitting dress on vacation or to the grocery store, does not always mean she is pregnant. That dress Eva Longoria was wearing on her vacation was likely much more comfortable and practical than what she normally wears. It was probably a sigh of relief for her to not have to worry so emphatically about her appearance when she was in Athens.

In April of this year, Longoria denied any possibility of being pregnant. The denial was when photos of her with a ballooned belly appeared.

Longoria confessed she was on a boat and she did look really fat, according to Romp.com. She later set fans straight with her post on Snapchat explained Romper.com. The post was the following: “I saw some pictures of myself really fat on a boat.

I have to tell you all I did was eat cheese” claimed Romper.com.

Just think, Longoria was carrying in her belly a beautiful, bouncing baby cheese. It would be so embarrassing to point out that a highly recognized and talented celebrity was pregnant and she wasn't. Let us not always assume what we want in light of what is not there.