Addie Zinone says she and Matt Lauer had a sexual affair. Ex-'Today' Show staffer, Addie Zinone (formerly Collins) who is now 41-years-old, said 16 years ago, she and Matt Lauer had an intimate affair with each other. According to Zinone, and others who worked at NBC for the "Today" show, Lauer regularly cheated on his wife. He and his wife are currently separated but not planning a divorce just yet. However, they are also currently not wearing their wedding rings.

Addie Zinone started working for the show in 1999

Zinone was offered a position as an NBC news production assistant in 1999, and she took the job.

However, Lauer started making sexual advances toward her in 2000, and she says this was when their affair started. According to People Magazine, they had sex in the bathroom at the NBC "Today" show set and in his office.

Zinone said one day she was called into his office and he shut the door behind her with a button he had on his desk. She said she felt uncomfortable because his assistant was right behind them in her office and saw him shut the door. She said once he shut the door, she knew what he wanted and they had sex. She also stated that he never asked her how she felt about the affair after having sex, he would just walk out and say nothing, acting like nothing ever happened between them.

Zinone felt emotionally drained during and after the affair

Zinone said after a while, she said he started feeling emotionally drained, and she ended the affair. Zinone also quit the Today Show because she was offered a position back at her hometown in West Virginia and took it.

After she quit and ended the affair, she went into a deep depression.

She was only 24 at the time of the affair with Lauer, and he was in his 40s and just got married to wife Annette Rogue.

Matt Lauer constantly cheated on his wife

Zinone wasn't the only one Lauer cheated on his wife with. According to other staff members of the NBC show, he constantly cheated on Rogue all through their marriage.

Just recently, Lauer was fired from the show because of a detailed complaint from another staff member revealing sexual assault against her by Lauer.

Although Matt Lauer and Annette Rogue have been married all this time, she has moved out of their home and moved into her own place. However, they are trying to stay cordial for the three children they have, two boys ages 16 and 11 and a daughter, age 14. The boy's names are Jack, 16 and Thijs, 11. Their daughter's name is Romy, and she is 14.

Lauer apologized for his actions against the staff members of the Today Show in a statement after he was fired from the show.