Finally the day we have all been waiting for. All "Black Mirror" fans mark your calendars and get ready for the Release Date of Season 4. "Black Mirror" Season 4 will come out on Netflix on December 29, just in time to end the year as we go into the new year.

How many episodes will season 4 have and what will they consist of?

"Black Mirror" season 4 will have a total of six episodes with shocking twists as each episode contains tales of modern horrors, expressed through technology and different scenarios of a society gone wrong. From the six trailers plus a complete compilation of all six stories together, fans can dive right in to see what this gripping new season has to offer.

Each episode will contain individual stories about different characters living a modern nightmare.

Tailer 1: "Crocodile" is directed by John Hillcoat. Set in the future, memories are no longer private. Trying to understand what had happened in a car crash, Krian Sonia Sawar tries to gather memories to learn what happened that night. Except, "Memories can be subjective," she says in the few seconds of the trailer. With this, no one can truly understand what happened or can we? Who's perspective can we trust?

Trailer 2: "Arkangel," controlled parenting is the right answer or is it? Directed by Rosemarie DeWitt fans are sucked into a time when "the key to good parenting is control." For some reason having a needle to your child's temple totally seems like a good idea.

What will be the effect? We don't know, but I'm sure it will be something we all unexpected. With intense senses, this trailer drips with the concept of freedom stripped from the eyes of any child. But what does this serum even do?

Trailer 3: "Hang The DJ" is directed by Tim Van Patten and it focuses on the nightmares of online dating.

With a device telling you how long your relationship will last and if you are a perfect fit, this is a whole new way to live through the difficulties of dating. This episode is set in the far future with dating apps and phones somewhat new and improved. Georgina Campbell, Joe Cole, and George Blagden star in this episode.

Trailer 4: "USS Callister" is based on the all famous "Star Trek." Cristin Milioti is trying her best to adjust to space life.

With evil villains and a whole sci-fi twist to this out-of-this-world episode, it shows the truth of this inevitable dark future of misused technology. Jesse Plemons, Michaela Coal, and Jimmi Simpson star in this episode.

Trailer 5: "Metalhead," is directed by David Slade and is the first ever black-and-white episode for this series. Set in a sinister world where robot dogs kill you, no one looks like they are going to survive when they are all on the run for survival.

Trailer 6: "Black Museum" directed by Colm McCarthy, holds a museum with artifacts of the bad. "If [an object] did something bad, chances are, it's in here. There's a sad, sick story behind most everything here." As curious as you are to know what each artifact did that was so bad, sad and sick stories will be reviled.

Douglas Hodge, Letitia Wright, and Babs Olusanmokun stars.

The final trailer

Finally, with the final trailer - it compiles all six stories to give the fans a taste of what each character and each story will contain. There is vagueness on each of these new characters, but we follow this idea that whatever you are happy with will be taken away from you. Everything that they are doing "happens for a reason." The trailer gets juicier as darkness destroys the idea of a perfect society. Technology taking over captures the heart of peoples lives, alternating them to their own hell. Will you be sucked into this new season?