Some spoilers for "The Bachelor" 2018 out by Reality Steve reveal that Arie Luyendyk, Jr. will get rid of a girl he likes when she makes an admission to him. The show is mere weeks away and the juicy scoops are beginning to surface. What will the next season bring to the canvas?

Arie gets scared off by Bekah Martinez

According to a December 13 tweet by Reality Steve, the show is making a "big deal" out of Bekah Martinez's age, which is 22. Nowadays that's young for a cast member on "The Bachelor" with the influx of older leads getting the gig and more accomplished women vying for them.

Steve reveals in his "Bachelor" spoilers that while it's common knowledge how old Bekah is, Arie isn't aware of it until she informs him of it later on. He supposedly takes quite an interest in the contestant until he hears this news.

Premiere scoops

Steve is viewing the premiere episode of "The Bachelor" 2018 and is sharing with fans what goes down. In another tweet, he shares that Bekah is someone he predicts most fans will like because she's different than what's usually cast and isn't afraid to speak her mind.

He notes that she's different in a "cute" way and that Arie is definitely "into her."

In the premiere episode, Bekah Martinez shows up in a 1965 Mustang convertible.

This is sure to wow Arie Luyendyk, Jr. by virtue of the fact he's a car guy! So, when does he eliminate Bekah? According to Steve's "Bachelor" spoilers, she's still around for the first three episodes. He has more spoilers to go, but Bekah manages to stay on for a while, it seems.

Bekah Martinez is being recognized for a unique reason other than being a likeable contestant for the upcoming season of "The Bachelor." It turns out she's the first to have a pixie cut.

The women appearing in the franchise usually have long tresses, which makes short hair a phenomenon on the show. Silly as it seems, a super short hairstyle is one thing separating Bekah from the others aside from her young age.

More about Bekah Martinez

According to her bio, Bekah is a nanny and hails from Fresno, California, but lives in Los Angeles. On a super intriguing note, Steve writes that she doesn't wear a bra, doesn't own one, and is very outspoken in the house. In looking at her photos, she resembles actress Emma Samms, who starred as "Dynasty's" Fallon Colby and "General Hospital's" Holly Scorpio.

"The Bachelor" 2018 premieres on ABC on Monday, January 1 at 8 PM ET/PT.