"Stranger Things" is by far one of the biggest shows on the planet right now! The show appeared out of nowhere last year and captivated audiences worldwide. It became an instant cult classic and Netflix's biggest hit too date. Recently WIRED Magazine did an awesome autocomplete interview with two of the show's stars, Gaten Matarazzo (who plays Dustin) and Joe Keery (who plays Steve). The magazine got them to open up and answer some of the internet's most searched queries about "Stranger Things." Other than the interview being hilarious, the two stars answered some hard-hitting questions such as "Is stranger things based on actual events?" Do you know?

If you don't know the answer, no worries. The young co-stars answer this question and more.

Is ‘Stranger Things’ based on actual events?

In the interview, the boys introduce themselves and start answering some of the internet's most burning questions about the show. So what have we learned from the interview? For starters, "Stranger Things" was based on true events. Yes, Hawkins, Indiana is not all fiction after all.

According to Gaten Matarazzo(who plays Dustin), some the events that occurred in "Stranger Things" were actually based on real events. The events, Gaten describes, took place at a Government facility called Camp Hero, in Montauk, New York. If that name sounds familiar to you, that might be because it's a place with a long history of strange occurrences involving secret government agencies.

Montauk was the place rumored to be a secret military testing ground for some of the strangest mass experiments in the United States Military history. Indeed the project was widely known about, the Government has yet to publicly acknowledge the Montauk project. The alleged experiments included human experiments, abductions, and Government cover-up.

The hit series is built around this environment.

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'Stranger Things' gets even stranger questions

Indeed most of the queries were pretty normal. Some questions were downright strange. One strange common search term was "Is Gaten Matarazzo pregnant?" Now I know the show's called "Stranger Things" but that question was pretty strange.

The guys seem to be having fun answering questions as they laughed and joked around. The most informed of the two though was Gaten. He practically knew every answer. Later in the interview, he confessed to being a huge Stephen King fan. Another popular misconception was that this was based on a Stephen King novel. Actually, it isn't exactly. It's inspired by a lot of King's work but it's not his creation.