"The Walking Dead" episode two left off with Ezekiel, Carol, and company continuing on with their journey to battle the Saviors. Rick, in his search for the Saviors’ guns, was held up by a familiar face (turned enemy). Morgan, who survived a point-blank shooting spree, stepped out of the Saviors’ compound to find Jesus and Tara with a large group of surrendered Saviors that they don't know what to do with.

The war against the Saviors continues

"The Walking Dead" episode three begins with Ezekiel leading his crew into battle with an awe-inspiring speech and ambitious plan of action.

While half of the group surrenders to the Saviors, the other half ambushes the enemy combatants with a barrage of bullets. And, just like Ezekiel waxed poetic and promised, his group did not lose one member of their rank in the fight.

The setting then shifts to Morales holding a gun on Rick. Morales is surprised that his old acquaintance from Atlanta is now the notorious leader from Alexandria. But rather than kill Rick, Morales announces that the Saviors' arrival is imminent and his instructions are to take him alive for Negan.

One of the major victories thus far against the Saviors is from the team led by Morgan, Tara, and Jesus. After seizing the enemy compound, they are leading a group of surrendered Saviors back to the Hilltop.

Morgan has his doubts about keeping them alive, but Jesus is adamant that they only kill the enemy; they don’t execute them. He’s steadfast in his belief that they still live by a code.

At the same time, Rick explains to Morales that Negan has no code. Rick goes into detail about how Negan executed Glen in front of his pregnant wife (Maggie).

Morales counters by saying that the Saviors saved him after he lost everything (his family) and brought him back from the brink. “I’m Negan,” he says with the gun still pointed at Rick. As Rick is trying to convince Morales of the humanity that they both still have, Daryl drops Morales with an arrow from behind.

Friends become foes, and surprise attacks

During their journey to the Hilltop, a stampede of walkers attack Morgan, Jesus, Tara, and the Savior POWs. Because of the chaos created by the brief encounter, a group of Saviors run off into the woods. Morgan chases after them and shoots one, but before he can take down any more, Jesus stops him. The two argue over the kind of world they live in. For a moment it seems like they have reached a resolution, but Morgan strikes Jesus, who hits back. Jesus prevails in the altercation, and an emotionally defeated Morgan walks off, leaving the group behind. Arriving at the Hilltop, Jesus makes his case to Maggie about keeping the Saviors alive. And like he did with Morgan, he convinces her to spare them, at least for now.

Rick and Daryl don’t find the guns they are looking for at the outpost, but a final Savior survivor tells them where they’ve been moved to after surrendering. Rick gives the young man his word that he’ll live, but Daryl shoots him after he spills the truth. Rick refrains from speaking out, but he is becoming visibly agitated by Daryl’s lack of killing restraint, however, considering what Daryl had to endure at the hands of the Saviors, it’s not hard to see why he’s become so vengeful.

After losing no one on their quest, at the very end, Ezekiel and his team are suddenly attacked in an open field by the Saviors. Episode three of the "The Walking Dead" ends with two of Ezekiel’s men jumping in front of him to save his life.

'The Walking Dead' MVP

Every time Tara and Morgan want to do wrong, it’s Jesus (as he’s so aptly named) who convinces them to do right. He’s turned into a moral authority who doesn’t seem to have a vindictive bone in his body. Time will tell if he’s the one maintaining their soul or if he’s going to get them all killed.

'The Walking Dead' scene stealer

Good old Gregory. After trying to sellout the Hilltop to Negan, Gregory makes his triumphant return in search of a warm welcome home. It took every guilting trick in Gregory’s toolbox to get Maggie to open the Hilltop gate. But eventually, she relents, and (unfortunately) lets him in.

'The Walking Dead' acting moment

Casualty is part of every war, and Eric gets shot (and ultimately dies) in the gunfight.

After Aaron discovers that his boyfriend is bleeding, he helps Eric over to an isolated area. The two share a powerful moment, expressing their love for each other and the importance of the fight at hand. The actors (Ross Marquand and Jordan Woods-Robinson) were guests on "Talking Dead" following the episode and discussed their acting approach to the scene. It’s definitely worth watching to hear them talk about their craft.