Kylie Jenner is reportedly pregnant with her first child with her boyfriend, Travis Scott. The pair, who have been dating since May, have not confirmed or denied the news yet. Instead, Kylie has been hiding her midsection and posting photos of herself in baggy clothing, or "throwback" photos. According to a source at The Hollywood Gossip, Kylie was spotted in Travis' native Houston with Kylie while the pair looked for houses. At that time, the anonymous tipster said that Kylie was sporting a large baby bump. Kylie also showed a Snapchat of herself dancing in the past month and showed her breasts, which appeared to be larger than normal.

Hiding her belly on Halloween

Kylie definitely went out to enjoy the festivities of Halloween, whether she is actually pregnant or not. The lip kit mogul dressed as an angel while her best friend, Jordyn Woods, donned a devil costume. The pair are inseparable, and have been since they were young teens. Kylie stated on her ill-fated show, "The Life of Kylie," that Jordyn was actually her only friend in the world and was angry when Jordyn stated that she had other friends.

Kylie may have gone out to enjoy her time on Halloween, but she strategically hid her belly to ensure that no one saw her baby bump, if one exists. She sang songs about being an angel and devil on her Snapchat to her fans as she and Jordyn had fun on their night out together.

Kylie reportedly expecting to "break the Internet"

Fans have wondered when Kylie Jenner will announce that she is pregnant or at least acknowledge the rumors. Thus far, there has been nothing from her camp. There is speculation that Kylie is going to release her pregnancy, along with her sister, Khloe Kardashian, on the Kardashian family's annual Christmas card which goes viral every year.

However, rumors are swirling that Kylie is planning on "breaking the Internet" with her pregnancy announcement (even though by then it will be the worst kept secret!), by doing a Beyonce inspired photoshoot to announce she and Travis Scott are expecting. It is not clear which social media outlet she will use to leak the news, but since she is often found on Instagram, it is possible she will post the photos on there.

Fans are hoping Kylie will release news of her pregnancy sooner than later, as some feel like that since they are hiding the pregnancies for so long that perhaps they are not really pregnant at all and are using it as a publicity stunt.