Season 14 of "Keeping Up With The Kardashians" is smashing our screens right now and causing us to wonder if head honcho Kris Jenner is trying to get the family of her firstborn back together? On a recent camp out in Kris's backyard with her son in law Scott Disick and her grandbabies, Mason (7), Penelope (5) and Reign (2), Kris took a call from Kourtney, who was partying in Mexico for her birthday with her sister Kim and seventeen other party guests, in front of Scott leaving him reeling. Disick was not impressed to overhear all about Kourt's partying antics where she "threw up four times in bed and slept in it." Scott stormed off, ending the camp out session early.

Are the Kardashian's being led on by Scott?

In another conversation that took place in Kris's office about Scott, between mother and daughter, Kourt told Kris "He needs to get a f—king life and leave me alone," Kris hinted to the eldest Kardashian "wouldn't you be sad if he truly left you alone, you always want what you can't have?" But Kourtney says it's Scott who has the family blinded by claiming his love for her, yet he's still being photographed hanging out with hookers and doing nothing to prove there is any truth behind his words.

Things haven't always been smooth between Scott Disick and Kris Jenner.

As the mom of Kourtney, and Scott's manager, Kris has put up with a lot from Scott. In the last 10 years she's been witness to his infidelity, alcoholism and general untoward behavior surrounding her daughter but despite his demons, Kris still seems to be rooting for the couple.

US Weekly reported on Jenner saying "I have always been a fan of Kourtney and Scott together, so that would be my first choice,”.

Kris Jenner values family. It's what the show "Keeping up with the Kardashians" is all about. Kris considers Scott family, especially after he lost both of his parents in the same year. If Kourtney and Scott did get back together it would mean so much to be able to unite the couple's children with both of their parents again.

However, a reunion looks mighty unlikely with Kourtney currently dating boxer and model Younes Bendjima. From the snaps of Kourtney and Younes on social media, things look like they are going really well after a recent trip to Cannes where Kourt and Younes jet skied and partied with Kourtney's sister Kendal Jenner.

There's still time and with Kris in his corner, Scott might turn around and surprise Kourtney and the whole Kardashian clan by coming to his sense and cleaning up his act before he loses Kourtney for good.