Famous pop singer Pink (born, Alecia Beth Moore) set the internet on fire when she posted a nude bathroom selfie in 2016. She doesn’t shy away from accepting that it was her attempt to mock Kim Kardashian West, who posed in the same manner, a little earlier. Pink appeared on “Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen,” on Thursday, October 19. She is currently on a promotional tour for her latest album, “Beautiful Trauma.” During the interview, one of the callers asked Pink about the “clothes free selfie” she had posted last year. As noted by Metro, she finally provided some explanation on this matter.

Pink vs Kim Kardashian

Before revealing Pink’s explanation on the matter, it is best to revisit the infamous feud between Pink and Kim Kardashian. Kim has vocally admitted to being uncomfortable and insecure about her body. On several occasions, she has admitted to not being able to show off ample skin due to these issues. But the celebrity outdid all that when she posted a fully naked selfie on Twitter. The picture consisted of black bars that concealed Kim’s private parts. The reality TV star metaphorically broke the internet, as the image went viral in seconds, as reported by The Sun. Not only did this post get attention from Kim’s followers but also other social media disparagers. This includes actress Bette Midler, who expressed her disappointment over the image.

Midler's tweet

In a tweet, Midler said that if Kim wants the audience to see a part of her that they have never seen, the celebrity will probably have to swallow the camera. Kim didn’t choose to remain silent on this matter. She hit back at Midler by asking her for nudes with a “just kidding” hashtag. Pink was also on the list of critics who supported Midler in this matter.

She applauded all those kinds of women who use their minds instead of their bodies to make a positive impact in society, noted Daily Mail.

While explaining the feud with Kim, Pink said that “you’re going to hear from me,” if people attack revered personalities of the industry. Pink had also been in a physical brawl with Christina Aguilera back in 2001.

She explained that confrontation between them and concluded by saying that the feud with Christina is a thing of the past and they no longer hold grudges against each other. That may not end up being the case between Kim Kardashian and Pink anytime soon. Stay tuned for more entertainment news, rumors, and updates.