According to Variety, Justice Smith, who will be in the upcoming "Jurassic World" sequel next year, will be the lead actor on "Detective Pikachu," the first live-action movie in the Pokemon universe, after 20 years of the franchise.

Directed by Rob Letterman, the plot of the story is under wraps. However, Universal Pictures, one of Legendary's distribution partners, will release the film outside of Japan.The movie has the script by Nicole Perlman and Alex Hirsch.

The shooting will begin in January 2018, according to a report made by Nintendo in October.

Ryan Reynolds, Hugh Jackman, and Dwayne Johnson are a few of the actors considered voicing the titled-character. The studio has not decided when the movie will hit the theaters.

'Detective Pikachu'

Released in 2016, "Great Detective Pikachu" is an adventure video-game, where the goal is to help Pikachu solve mysteries.

In the game, a boy named Tim Goodman encounters an intelligent Pikachu, that claims to be a great detective. After a brief meeting, the duo chases two Aipom, that were causing trouble by harassing citizens and stealing jewelry. Later, another mystery strike and the adventure continue.

The player controls Tim, as he works helping the yellow-rat pocket monster, talking to the others Pokemon and people, finding potential clues, and walking around the scenes.

Nintendo distributes the game only for Nintendo 3DS.


"Pokemon" started as a role-playing game (RPG) in 1996, in Japan, and was released in 1998, in the United States. The first generation, introduced as Red and Blue in America, had 151 creatures to be caught, and, also, introduced the basic to be a Pokemon trainer.

The anime started in 1997 and, now, twenty years later, is in the fourteen season.Along with the anime, 20 movies were released over the course of the seasons.

The latest is "Pokemon - I Choose You!'' that retells the first few episodes of the saga, and to celebrate the twentieth anniversary of the anime.

The show has spin-offs, like "Pokemon Chronicles," TV specials, and a series of video-games released by Nintendo. So far, 805 pocket monsters are known to the public, including the Ultrabeasts discovered in the latest video game.

Currently, the first season is available on Netflix in 216 regions and countries, with different subtitles and dubs. Hulu and Amazon Video also has the anime series in a few countries, like Japan, the United Kingdom, and Germany.