"Game of Thrones" will swim into an ocean where the level of expectations is set to be as high as possible. Putting in a complex narrative thread, the HBO production has finally engulfed legions of avid fans from all over the world. Thus Season 8, which is set to be the last one of the series, must satisfy the fans' hunger. Moreover, the dynamic between major characters is something worth-watching as well.

The Night King is the ultimate villain in "Game of Thrones" as the mysterious antagonist commands the Army of the Dead, which threatens to annihilate all the living beings of Westeros.

The Night King's identity is a mystery, yet to be solved, even though unveiling it won't matter that much when the curtain falls.

What the Night King stands for

Aside from being a highly-skilled character, the Night King seems to be the ultimate punishment for Westeros. It could serve as a purge for most of this world.

Season 7 provided the key to defeating the Night King. Dragonglass is the element which gave birth to the creature and which can also destroy him. Jon Snow is aware of the situation and his brand new alliance with Daenerys Targaryen includes a mining deal too.

The Season 7 finale pictured the Army of the Dead going right through the wall while the Night King supervised the whole effort from above.

He watches all from the comfort of his brand new icy dragon's back.

Knowing how to eliminate the Night King simplifies the whole thing; all the people of Westeros need is the opportunity to present itself. But for now, the Night King's arrival puts fear in everyone's bones.

Jon Snow's identity creates a bigger dilemma

Jon Snow brought his relationship with Daenerys Targaryen into a whole new territory.

Blending political interest with emotional impulses sets an insecure foundation. Basically, Daenerys is no longer the rightful heir to the Iron Throne. Jon Snow, being a Targaryen, also writes a new chapter of the incestual habits previously presented through Cersei and her twin brother, Jaime Lannister.

If the fragile pact between Daenerys Targaryen and Jon Snow comes to an end, the Night King can easily be put in charge of Westeros.

His identity will be just another minor fact.

The Realm needs all its political actors directly involved and following the same course of action. It'll be their only chance to resist the threat coming down from the North. This will all play out when "Game of Thrones: Season 8" debuts on HBO.