The latest updates and spoilers for "Flashpoint" movie reveal that Warner Bros. Pictures plans to replace "Dope" actress Kiersey Clemons for the role of Iris West in the DC Extended Universe. Reddit username LDN_Films claimed that the studio will replace Clemon's face with a digital version of Iris in order to properly recast the character in the movie.

"Justice League" cast member Ezra Miller teased that the story of the solo "Flash" movie will have the potential to reboot the DCEU, similar to the comic book storyline.

Replacing Kiersey Clemons

According to LDN_Films, Warner Bros.

wanted to replace Kiersey Clemons's face in the deleted Iris West scene in the "Justice League" movie. The scene depicts Barry Allen using his super speed to rescue a female civilian in a car accident. The girl happens to be Iris West and it signifies the first meeting between the two characters.

Clemons was brought into the "Flashpoint" movie by director Rick Famuyiwa as they previously worked together in "Dope." However, Famuyiwa left the project and Warner Bros. looked to recast iris West to give her a proper treatment in the DCEU films.

"I've said it before, we were replacing Clemons with a digital woman in the shot -- Clemons was brought on Famuyiwa, when he bailed, it meant WB could recast her," LDN_Films wrote.

" That's around the time the shot was cut."

In the DC comics, Iris is the love interest of Barry Allen and she works as a news reporter in Central City. The two got married and had twins, Don and Dawn Allen, also known as The Tornado Twins. Candice Peyton currently portrays Iris West in "The Flash" TV series on the CW Network and comic book fans are curious to know who will WB cast to replace Clemons in the movie.

Rebooting the DCEU?

Ezra Miller teased the possibility of a soft reboot of the DCEU in the "Flashpoint" movie as he told Entertainment Weekly that Barry's actions will change the continuity and history of the film universe.

The "Justice League" star compared Flashpoint to the word "Crisis" as the DCEU will experience same inevitable cosmic changes in the DC comics.

Comic book fans and moviegoers will expect some retcon changes to each DC character in the film universe and it will likely affect the storylines for upcoming movie projects.

The "Flashpoint" will feature Barry Allen waking up in an alternate present timeline after he rescued his mother, Nora, from being murdered. He teams-up with this world's Batman, Thomas Wayne, to change the timeline and prevent the end of the world caused by Wonder Woman and Aquaman's war.