Jill Duggar has had a very busy year, to say the least. I mean, her husband, Derick Dillard, is constantly in the mainstream media for doing very controversial things. First, it was that he was making transphobic remarks toward transgender and fellow TLC star, Jazz Jennings, when he said that transgender is a myth. Then, she had to deal with the criticism her husband faced after he allegedly tried to scam Duggar fans out of their money online. Well, now Jill is being accused of having a piercing on her body that her family would never approve of.

You can continue to read below to find out more about this piercing.

Where did Jill allegedly get this piercing?

First of all, I would like to say that this piercing is just a rumor and many people are simply saying that it is just a spot. Regardless, a picture was posted online of Jill Duggar and her mother, and, from looking at the picture, you can tell that there is something different about Jill in the photo. You see, in the photo, some fans were rather quick to notice a possible stud in her left nostril. Now, I have to say that if this is a nose piercing and not a freckle, that this is a bit surprising. This is because the Duggar family does allow ear piercings, but, having a nose piercing may be a bit too much for the conservative family.

It is worth mentioning that this would not be the first time that Jill has gone against her family’s strict rules. For example, the females in the family have to wear skirts that go down to their knees, but Jill has recently been photographed wearing a pair of jeans. Jill is not the only Duggar that has been breaking the rules, as Jinger actually wears skinny jeans and listens to music that isn’t gospel music which is rather strange for a Duggar family member to do.

Controversies surrounding Jill Duggar

To be honest, the controversy surrounding Jill Duggar is usually caused by her husband, Derick Dillard, but she does have an alleged feud with her sister, Jinger. Many believe that the pair have a feud because Jill doesn’t like how Jinger’s husband Jeremy Vuolo insulted Dillard’s attempt to do unqualified Missionary Work without a church.

Vuolo didn’t like the idea of this kind of missionary work because he is a trained minister and he thought that missionary work without a church does more harm than good, and it is also dangerous to everyone involved. You can catch up on all things Duggar on their show, "Counting On."