One of the most iconic scenes in the adaptation of Stephen King’s novel “It” is the scene where little Georgie is taken by the terrifying Pennywise The Clown. That counts in both the 1990 TV series and the 2017 film, albeit with two different actors playing the clown.

As noted by Fansided, these are not the only adaptations of the horror novel, as India did something similar in the way of a low budget Hindi TV series called “Woh.” Poor Georgie dies in that one, too. Oh, and there was a definite nod to Pennywise in Season 2 of the popular Netflix series, “Stranger Things.”

Iconic ‘It’ scene in Indian TV series

Watching the “Georgie” scene in the video below brings back memories – even though the clown is in a swimming pool instead of a sewer – and there is a paper boat involved.

You might find yourself thinking it rather funny, but also a tad scary, or it just might make you think “what the hell was that?” As for the rest of the 1998 series, producers reportedly took quite a few liberties with the original King story, but the famous Georgie scene, despite being in Hindi, looks pretty much the same. Like in the series and movie, Pennywise the Clown looks pretty cute to start off with, smiling and talking to the boy, before pulling him under the water.

‘Stranger Things’ pays homage to Pennywise the Clown

Let’s start with a spoiler warning – just in case any readers have not yet watched Season 2 of “Stranger Things.” Pennywise definitely gets a nod in the popular series, with the introduction of Joyce’s new beau, Bob Newby, played by Sean Astin.

As reported by blog Pop Sugar, while Bob is a wonderful guy, and obviously the best thing for Joyce right now with all that has happened with her son, he does, unfortunately, meet his end, courtesy of a Demodog. However, before he goes he tried to help Will deal with the nightmares he is suffering from his experience in the Upside Down.

In the third episode of "Stranger Things" Season 2, Bob drives Will to school and along the way tries to advise him on how to handle his terrifying nightmares. He goes on to tell Will a story about a clown by the name of Mr. Baldo, who scared him half out of his wits at a county fair. From that point onward, Bob was traumatized and suffered constant clown nightmares.

However, he finally found the answer, saying that in his nightmares, instead of running away from the scary clown, he stood his ground, telling Mr. Baldo to simply go away – and he did.

While this advice didn’t really work out for Will, it was Matt Duffer who explained why this moment was included in the second season of “Stranger Things.” He said they watched the “It” miniseries in 1990 and that Tim Curry’s incredible performance as the scary clown really messed him up in a big way. Duffer said it was among the first horror series or movies he had ever seen and he had no previous experience with the work of Stephen King.

He added that this was a really huge turning point in his life and he couldn’t sleep for two weeks after watching “It.”

Duffer went on to explain that he thinks Bob’s clown story was basically him describing an event that had really freaked him out, adding that while he didn’t experience anything quite like what happened, he did have nightmares very much like that.

Just for fun, watch another parody of the Georgie scene, but with a smart girl, who survives the experience.