The latest episodes of the new popular South Korean drama series, While You Were Sleeping,” just aired this week. The said television series became the most buzz-worthy title prior to its release, and it has been enjoying decent ratings since its debut.

The hype of the series was built up over that fact that it boasts a stellar cast that includes Bae Suzy and Lee Jong-Suk as well as a production crew that worked on various K-drama shows including the global hit series, “My Love from the Star.” The recent viewership ratings of the drama series revealed that it continues to deliver great episodes, keeping its avid viewers on their toes.

‘While You Were Sleeping’ reaches a new high

AGB Nielsen has released the official viewership ratings for this week, and the new SBS series achieved its highest rating yet. Episode 14 titled “The Secret that Can’t Be Told,” which aired on October 18, earned the show a 10 percent viewership rating nationwide.

Its rival shows KBS’s “Mad Dog” and MBC’s “Hospital Ship,” which aired in the same time slot as “While You Were Sleeping,” earned only a nationwide viewership rating of 6.9 percent and 8.5 percent, respectively. This proves further that the fall series starring Suzy and Lee Jong Suk is indeed the most popular one this season.

The series, which shares the same title as the 1995 Hollywood film starring Sandra Bullock and Bill Pullman, focuses on the lives of three human beings who have the ability to see the future in their dreams.

Prosecutor Jung Jae-Chan, SBC reporter Nam Hong-Joo, and police officer Han Woo-Tak team up to solve the puzzles from their dreams, doing everything they can to prevent the bad dreams from coming true.

The story also delves on the uncanny connections between the main characters, revealing a fresh, immersive plot that also boasts of amazing television cinematography and accompanying soundtracks.

The Korean drama series has been slated to run for 32 episodes on SBS, airing four 30-minute episodes every Wednesday and Thursday since September.

Show’s rookie star is most searched online

Aside from attaining the highest rating, the show has also gotten more attention for several of its new stars. The biggest rising star is actor Jung Hae-In, who portrays the role of Officer Han.

Jung Hae-In has shown great portrayal of his cop character, but his looks are also winning the viewers and the internet. The actor recently topped South Korea’s real-time search rankings on the website, Naver. The actor took to Instagram to voice out his surprise over this unexpected news and took the time to thank his fans all over the world.