The new installment of the “School” series made its premiere on Monday. The pilot episode was highly anticipated but turned out to be a disappointment to several fans who have waited.

‘School 2017’ airs first two episodes on KBS

On July 17 and July 18, the pilot episodes of the highly-awaited South Korean drama series School 2017 were finally aired earlier this week. The first episodes earned 5.9 percent in viewership ratings, according to Nielsen Korea. The pilot episodes' ratings were higher than "Fight My Way" when it made its debut, hinting at a good start for the series.

The said show is the new and seventh installment in the popular “School” series. It stars Kim Se Jung, Kim Jung Hyun, Jang Dong Yoon, Han Sun Hwa, and Han Joo Wan. The series followed the popular drama series “Fight My Way” also referred to as “Fight For My Way” or “Third-Rate My Way," which enjoyed stable two-digit ratings.

The show is expected to be as successful as the old “School” series. Fans have looked forward to the new show because it boasts of a cast made up of popular figures such as Kim Se Jung, who hailed from the newly disbanded girl group, I.O.I. “School 2017” is her first acting project. Veteran idol star Han Sun Hwa who comes from the girl group, Secret, returns to the small screen.

Typical plot of high school romance and drama

It seems like "School 2017" will tackle a story that focuses more on school than the lives of its students. The previous "School" series titled "Who Are You - School 2015" had a story that was centered on the complicated lives of twin sisters who were separated when they were young.

Unlike the previous installment, the new series starring Kim Se Jung is lighter and brighter. It reveals typical school characters that people often see in fictional school settings. The main character is Ra Eun Ho, a female lead who's at the bottom of her high school's student rankings because she's too lazy to study, but she's determined to get into the top university to be with the guy she likes who's a college student.

The people around Eun Ho include the typical class president who's a teacher's pet and the smartest kid in school. There's also the usual dark and silent student who rides a motorcycle and gets away with trouble because he's the son of the school director.

Fans claim story is too unrealistic

Though the series saw a good start, some fans have expressed their disappointment over the plot, which seemed too unrealistic to be a story that is centered on school life. Fans pointed out that the school implemented several various ridiculous rules such as taking attendance even during lunch break and having several mock exams.

Fans also pointed out that Eun Ho's goal to win a webtoon contest just so she could get into the country's top university seemed far-fetched. Many fans insisted that whoever wrote the story for "School 2017" went over the top with the impractical settings. The series just started, and it's too soon to tell if it's really a flop.