Chris Pratt and Anna Faris’ legal separation came after eight years of marriage. Both announced their split on social media on August 6, which surprised millions of fans.

According to the Daily Mail, the shocking split also came after Faris wrote her new memoir entitled “Unqualified.” The now-single actress is currently busy promoting the tell-all book, where she talked about her former relationship. One section even addressed the rumors about her ex-husband and “Passengers” co-star Jennifer Lawrence cheating. Until now, there were no confirmed reasons as to why one of Hollywood’s famous couples broke up.

Did Chris Pratt really cheat on his ex-wife?

E! News previously reported the possible cause behind “The Guardians of the Galaxy” actor and Faris’ split. An insider revealed to E! News the struggles of the ex-couple during their marriage. The insider said, “Chris changed so much. His fame changed their dynamic publicly and in private." The report added that Faris felt like she lost her voice over the marriage as their parenting styles also became an issue.

On the other hand, Faris talked about Pratt’s cheating rumors in her new book, sharing how she felt, and how she dealt with the issue. She revealed that before her then-husband and Lawrence met, Faris’ publicist already warned her of what was about to come.

Her publicist talked about Paparazzi being all over them, shots of them laughing while on their way to set, and stories and rumors that would circulate once they started promoting the film. As Pratt’s wife, she was warned to “brace herself.”

In her book, she shared that it did not bother her at first. After all, Pratt has been with beautiful ladies in the industry like Bryce Dallas Howard (“Jurassic World”) and Aubrey Plaza (“10 Years”).

However, the cheating speculations did hurt Anna Faris. The reports somehow made her feel insecure despite taking pride in her married life for years.

Chris and Anna Faris’ status

Meanwhile, Faris shared that despite all the rumors, she and Jennifer Lawrence are good friends. Lawrence even felt apologetic about the situation.

While Faris understands how the industry works, she felt embarrassed when people said that her husband was cheating as it was not true.

In the end, there are no signs that Chris Pratt and Anna Faris are to be blamed for their relationship’s fallout. It was their busy lives that led them to this breakup but unfortunately, it was not enough of a reason for most fans. Furthermore, Faris revealed that she and Pratt are no doubt, good friends. She is rumored to be dating 47-year-old cinematographer Michael Barrett.