It looks like the success of “Wonder Woman” has started the ball rolling for a number of projects that feature female heroes. One such is called “The Outpost” which teams two people that were involved in different aspects of the “Stargate” franchise. Dean Devlin, who produced the original movie, will partner with Jonathon Glassner, who created the TV show “Stargate SG1” They will become executive producers of the new fantasy adventure series.

What is ‘The Outpost’ about?

“The Outpost” features a female warrior named Talon who is the sole survivor of a race called the Blackbloods.

Talon tracks down the murderers of her family to a fortress at the edge of the civilized world. On her journey, she discovers she possesses a supernatural power she needs to learn to control so that she might save herself and the world from a theocratic dictatorship. The scenario sounds fraught with a lot of action, adventure, and mystery with a story that seems to be right out of Joseph Campbell.

What would the prospects of the show be?

Both Devlin and Glassner have been involved in some solid, entertaining projects. Devlin, besides the films he has done in partnership with Roland Emmerich, is best known for “The Librarians,” due to start its new season soon. Glassner has been involved in a number of TV projects including “Covert Affairs” and “Falling Skies.” Thus they are capable of turning the scenario of a lone, Female Hero in a fantasy universe looking for revenge and having a destiny and turning it into a great, hour-long, 10-episode series,

Contrary to what some think about male geek culture, shows about strong women heroes have always been popular among fans of both sexes, as “Xena Warrior Princess” and “Buffy the Vampire Slaver” proved.

“Wonder Woman,” despite the efforts by some feminist entertainment writers to use the movie to demonize men, was a smash hit. “The Outpost” promises to replicate that success if it is well executed.

What happens next?

The only things we know about “The Outpost” is that it is being filmed in Utah, a state with a wide variety of beautiful landscapes, and that production begins this year.

Casting has not yet been completed and no word is available about where or when the series will air. We will keep you posted as more information is available.

The Outpost” will be produced by Electric Entertainment and Arrowstorm Entertainment with Electric handling sales of the project worldwide. The series and the character was created by Arrowstorm’s Jason Faller and Kynan Griffin, who will also serve as executive producers.