Marvel Entertainment’s newest film just graced theaters in some parts of the world and the hype is real. “Thor: Ragnarok” has been receiving great reviews so far and fans continue to applaud Chris Hemsworth for his portrayal of one of the popular Avengers.

However, it was recently revealed that the Australian actor almost turned down this iconic role. One could only wonder how the franchise would have panned out if Hemsworth didn’t take the role. The part was perfectly suited for him that no one else comes to mind as to who can play the character besides him.

Chris Hemsworth shares how he almost didn’t become Thor

In an interview with The Sydney Morning Herald, Hemsworth opened up on how he almost turned down the offer to portray Marvel’s prince of Asgard and Avenger, Thor Odison. The actor shared that when he was first offered the role of Thor in 2009, he had qualms about it.

Apparently, the Thor project had been in works for years and several directors have gone through it during the development. He said that even Marvel Entertainment wasn’t sure how big the franchise would be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

He recalled the exact moment when he got the offer because his lawyer and his manager called him to tell the good news. According to the actor, they simply told him that he got an offer to portray a certain role, which of course was the god of thunder.

Hemsworth was stoked to get an acting offer, but when he learned that it was going to be a six-picture deal, he actually hesitated and told his manager to turn down the role. The Australian actor explained that at that time, a six-installment superhero movie was too much for him to sign up for that he thought he should just pass up the offer.

However, he eventually set aside his doubts and accepted the role. As soon as he signed on, he gained almost 20 pounds of muscle to prepare for his character and flew off to California and New Mexico to start filming the first Thor movie.

“Thor: Ragnarok” premieres next month in the U.S.

Hemsworth’s portrayal of the popular Avenger catapulted him to stardom and cemented his career in Hollywood.

The third installment, “Thor: Ragnarok” is scheduled to premiere in theaters all over the United States on November 3.

Mark Ruffalo and Tom Hiddleston will also be in the new movie to reprise their roles as Bruce Banner/Hulk and Loki, respectively. “Thor: Ragnarok” will introduce a new villain named Hela, who will be portrayed by actress Cate Blanchett.