The legacy of The X Files TV show has been going on for 25 years. Its showrunners, however, still aren’t done with it. It has been confirmed that “The X Files” will return for another season next year. The eleventh season will consist of 10 episodes, a report by Den of Geek revealed. It appears that the showrunners decided to add more content as the last season only contained about six episodes. The first few official pictures, as well as the trailer for the upcoming installment, has also been published online.

Trailer of the show

The trailer was launched at New York’s Comic-Con event, which concluded last weekend.

Fox Entertainment decided to reveal more information about the TV Show by publishing images from the set of “The X Files” season 11. It is pretty evident from the pictures that Mulder and Scully will be making their comeback. The 10th season ended with a rather abrupt cliffhanger when it came to these two. Therefore, it is being assumed that the eleventh season will follow up with these two major characters.

Characters 'The X Files' season 11

According to a report by Deadline, Barbara Hershey has been hired to play a mysterious character in “The X Files” season 11. Her character is described as a powerful entity from a mysterious organization. The actress is recognized for her roles in shows like, “Damien,” and “Once Upon A Time.” The report by Deadline further went on to confirm that Mitch Pileggi will also return in the next season.

Pileggi last appeared back in the first season. He played the role of an assistant director at FBI to Walter Skinner. He is going to be accompanied by David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, who made the series such a hit from the start. They will be seen once more in their roles as Fox Mulder and Dana Scully respectively. The latest Instagram post confirmed Annabeth Gish’s addition to “The X Files” family.

She will play the role of Monica Reyes in the season.

Fox announced at New York’s Comic-Con event that they plan on launching “The X Files” season 11 mid-season. According to a report by TVLine, fans are eagerly waiting to see the result of the combined efforts of Glen Morgan, James Wong, and Darin Morgan in the eleventh season.

One of the main reasons they decided to expand the season by four more episodes is due to the excellent work from this team. They are creatively inclined and their work cannot possibly be limited to only 6 episodes which is why the showrunners have opted to go for a longer series.