Former White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer used social media in an attempt to mock Hillary Clinton's friendship with Harvey Weinstein following the film producer's recent scandal. Despite Spicer's best attempt at trolling, it backfired in a big way.

Spicer on Twitter

Earlier this week, the New York Times broke an exclusive story that claimed Harvey Weinstein, the co-founder of the film company Miramax, has been hiding sexual harassment allegations against him for decades. Names like Ashley Judd went public in the NYT article, as the actress alleged Weinstein attempted to have her watch him take a shower.

Multiple women have doubled down on the contents of the story, including Fox News reporter Lauren Sivan who has accused Weinstein of masturbating in front of her. Weinstein has denied the allegations and hired a team of lawyers to defend him, though Lisa Bloom, noted feminist attorney, has already quit the team following a negative public response. Donald Trump was asked about the scandal while speaking to reporters outside the White House, with the president replying, "I’m not at all surprised to see it." Attempting to add fuel to the fire, Sean Spicer gave his thoughts with a knock on Hillary Clinton, as seen during a tweet on October 7.

Taking to his Twitter account on Saturday night, Sean Spicer did his best to link Hillary Clinton to the sexual harassment allegations surrounding Harvey Weinstein.

"Have I missed @HillaryClinton tweets & comments on #HarveyWeinstein sexual harassment allegations?" Spicer tweeted, before adding, "Has the media even asked 4 comment?" As expected, those who oppose Donald Trump and the administration didn't let Spicer off the hook over the president's controversial history with women.

Twitter reacts

In response to Sean Spicer's Twitter attack on Hillary Clinton over the Harvey Weinstein scandal, critics of the president wasted no time lashing out.

"Have I missed @seanspicer tweets & comments on #donaldtrump sexual harassment admission to Billy Bush? Has the media even asked 4 comment?" Walter Shaub humorously replied.

"You sir, are a national treasure," MSNBC host Joy Reid sarcastically responded.

"Dude I know you want to be relevant but your hypocrisy on this issue is mind boggling," one tweet read.

"Sean - funny you're so seized with this issue considering you worked/lied for a man who bragged about sexually assaulting women on tape," another Twitter user added.

"Is she responsible for #HarveyWeinstein? No. You worked for a man that bragged about sexual assault. Comments on that? Where’s your apology?" yet another tweet asked. As the backlash continued, Sean Spicer's tweet didn't appear to hold up to the irony that was thrown his way.