The moment that "Outlander" fans had been waiting for already arrived when Jamie Fraser (Sam Heughan) and Claire Randall (Caitriona Balfe) finally meet. The two had been living apart from each other for 20 years, that is 14 months on the screen, which fans consider as the "Droughtlander."

At the end of "Outlander" Season 3, Episode 5 titled "Freedom and Whisky," fans saw the reunion of Jamie and Claire which turned out to be a major cliffhanger. When Claire arrived at the print shop, Jamie was so shocked that he fainted. Although it ended with a subtle hilarious tone, fans are still very excited to watch Episode 6.

A longer episode

The upcoming episode titled "A.Malcolm" will be extended to highlight the pair's reunion. Since they were separated from each other for 20 years, they have so many things to talk about. Fans will be treated to a 75-minute episode instead of the usual 60 minutes.

Series creator Ronald D. Moore said that the reunion and Claire and Jamie is very special. That is why they will have an extra-sized reunion episode. The pair has a lot of catching up to do and will update each other about what happened to their life.

What's in store for Claire and Jamie?

The preview of Episode 6 shows the couple preparing to make love as they start to remove their clothing. Although the clip shows that the Claire and Jamie will be back together, it might not end up smoothly like what fans want to happen.

According to Caitriona Balfe, the next episodes will be more interesting and kind of awkward. It will also be kind of clumsy and kind of sweet, TV Guide reports. She said that the two are like teenagers who just saw each other again and it is interesting that they already aged so much since the last time they met.

The pair is happy to be back in each other's arms but Jamie's secret might ruin their relationship.

Viewers are aware that Jamie had an illegitimate child with Countess Geneva Dunsany (Hannah James) when she blackmailed him to sleep with her. It is not certain yet if Jamie will tell Claire about it which might cause a rift between them.

Fans will find out what will happen to the reunited couple in "Outlander" Episode 6 which is set to air on Oct.

22 at 8 PM PT/ET on Starz. While fans are waiting for the episode, they can re-watch the first five episodes of Season 3 since Starz will air a marathon beginning Oct. 15 at 5 PM PT/ET. This is a great chance for the fans to re-experience the show and prepare themselves for the most awaited reunion episode.