The latest chapter My Hero Academia,” otherwise referred to as Boku No Hero Academia,” has been released. The new chapter of the manga series finally visited Overhaul’s past and gave fans a thorough explanation about why he’s deadset on having the young Eri by his side.

The past chapters of “My Hero Academia” continued the ongoing Internship Arc. In this arc, it was revealed that Overhaul headed a drug syndicate, and used a young girl to create the drugs that could either enhance or stop quirks.

The young girl was introduced as Eri, who possessed a unique quirk that enables her to revert a person’s body to a previous state.

Her power is so powerful, that if used on a huge scale, Eri can even vanish a person, which she accidentally did to her biological father.

Kai Chisaki’s past

The latest chapter of “My Hero Academia” finally visited the villain’s past and revealed what really happened that drove him to create the quirk-manipulating drugs. Overhaul, whose real name is Kai Chisaki, is a member of the yakuza and the leader of the feared Eight Precepts of Death.

It was revealed in "My Hero Academia" chapter 158 that Overhaul ended up with the yakuza after the organization’s boss found him and raised him. Despite his appearance, Overhaul was grateful towards the yakuza boss, and the young villain wanted the yakuza to prosper, so he came up with a plan.

Overhaul opened up about making drugs that could stop and even strengthen a quirk. However, the boss didn’t approve of Overhaul’s plan because he didn’t like the idea of using an innocent child to make these drugs.

Overhaul was determined to make his savior proud and take the yakuza at the top of the world, so he went ahead with his plans despite the boss’s refusal.

Before Chisaki could put his plan in action, he explained that the drugs would make the yakuza the most important organization in the world.

They’ll be selling the drugs to villains so they can use it against the heroes, and stop their quirks. Meanwhile, they’ll also be selling drugs that will bring back the heroes' quirks.

That way the fighting doesn’t stop and the yakuza will keep gaining profit.

Overhaul’s real motive revealed

However, despite what his initial intentions were, Overhaul had one ultimate goal. He wanted to kill the quirks that people had heavily depended on.

He needed Eri’s power to create drugs that would bring every hero and villain back to normal so that everyone will be equal. Overhaul’s plans sounded crazy, but deep down he actually wanted to put a stop to something that created sides, and divided the world.

Aside from heroes and villains fighting each other, people with quirks were usually shunned by the normal human beings. Overhaul had a similar experience back when he was young because of his dangerous quirk that could assemble or disintegrate objects through physical contact.