Miley Cyrus joked in a recent interview that she keeps “my little spies” around her fiancé Liam Hemsworth regarding her hot co-stars and Leading Ladies. The 24-year-old stopped by Howard Stern’s show but later said that she is not that bothered that Hemsworth works with many beautiful women.

Little spies comment

The “Malibu” singer pointed out that she does trust 27-year-old Hemsworth, but she still cannot help feel uneasy and have butterflies in her stomach whenever her fiancé works with attractive actresses. She then went on to joke that she keeps her little spies to keep her mind and heart at ease whenever Hemsworth is away and working, Us Weekly shared.

Miley talks whirlwind romance with Hemsworth

Cyrus and Hemsworth have been quiet regarding the real score between them since they reunited in January of 2016. The two first stated in 2009 and got engaged but they broke up in 2013. They then sparked reunion rumors in January of 2016 after they were spotted at a music festival in Australian and spent the New Year together.

The “Wrecking Ball” singer revealed that Hemsworth bought a Malibu pad before when they were no longer together, and the actor got mad when he found out that the house belonged to Cyrus in the past. The former Disney star joked that Hemsworth felt like he cannot get away from Cyrus because she is all over the new house he just bought.

That same home is where they have moved in together after they reconciled in January of 2016. It is also where Cyrus recorded her hit single “Malibu.”

Singer talks about “Wrecking Ball” song

After her break-up with Hemsworth, Cyrus transitioned into an edgier and sexier image. Her “Wrecking Ball” song was very controversial, and she teased that that stage of her career will never go away.

She also pointed out that when she licked a sledgehammer and rode the wrecking ball naked, she was not at all picturing her then-ex-fiance.

Cyrus also became an advocate for marijuana usage and the LGBT community. Since getting back with Hemsworth, she has transitioned into another version of herself and has remained clean.

Cyrus, Hemsworth busy renovating new home

The two are now busy renovating their home in Nashville, which is said to be worth $5.8 million. Accordingly, Cyrus wanted to be closer to her family, so that’s the project they are focusing on right now.

Cyrus did not spill any beans regarding their wedding plans. It remains unknown when the two plan to get married.