Maci Bookout has decided to return for another season of "Teen Mom OG" even though she faced some harsh criticism last season. As she filmed the reunion special for the show, Ryan Edwards’ new wife Mackenzie felt that Maci was an enabler of Ryan’s drug use. She claimed this even though Bookout had gotten professional help in how to handle the situation, as she didn’t want this to affect Bentley in any way. Even though the two women didn’t agree on stage on what was right, Maci decided to return to the show and she hasn’t given up on Ryan. Perhaps she knows how much Ryan means to Bentley and she wants her son to be happy.

Drugs to continue to play a role on the show

According to a new PEOPLE report, Maci Bookout is coming back for another season of "Teen Mom OG," which premieres next month. It isn’t surprising that her storyline picks up right where it ended the previous season, as Bookout talks about her ex-boyfriend’s drug use. Bookout will even sit down to talk to Ryan about his problems and it sounds like she’s going to stand by him as he fights his addiction. Edwards was supposedly addicted to Xanax and Maci wants him to take a drug test before he spends any time with Bentley.

Of course, Maci also got support from her "Teen Mom 2" friend, Chelsea DeBoer. The two had a talk on the "Teen Mom 2" reunion special, which was filmed in Los Angeles a few weeks.

Even though the drama overshadowed everything, it sounds like it was worth the time to hang out on stage. The two are currently dealing with storylines involving some serious drugs.

Standing by her ex-boyfriend

It’s admirable that she’s standing by Ryan, considering they are no longer together. They have both moved on, as Ryan is married to Mackenzie and Maci married Taylor McKinney last year.

Maci has two additional children with Taylor, but Ryan hasn’t had any more kids after Bentley. Even though it took years for them to work things out, it sounds like they have mastered the art of co-parenting. Even though some people may not be inspired by these "Teen Mom OG" stars it sounds like they could have something to share with everyone.

If you co-parent a child, you could end up in a really good situation. And that’s something several of these "Teen Mom OG" stars could use.

What do you think about Maci Bookout’s decision to open up about Ryan Edwards’ drug use and be supportive of him as he gets help? Do you think she will stand by him because he’s Bentley’s father?