It was recently revealed that the third movie adaptation of the popular romantic comedy series, Sex And The City will not be happening anymore. The news was confirmed by actress Sarah Jessica Parker and later on by Warner Bros.

Fans have aired their disappointment over the cancellation of the second sequel and even Parker, who portrayed the role of the fashionista Carrie Bradshaw in the series, pointed out that she was utterly disappointed that the last chapter of the franchise will not push through. The second sequel was announced in December 2016 with the entire main cast on board.

Kristin Davis breaks her silence

However, it was recently announced that the third “Sex and the City” movie has been canceled over reasons that Warner Bros. and Parker refrained from disclosing. Aside from Parker, actress Kristin Davis has also aired her frustration over the canceled production.

Kristin Davis portrayed the role of the conservative art dealer Charlotte York in the said popular television series. Despite being the traditional character in their clique, Charlotte got married twice in her quest for true love and to fulfill her dream of having her own family.

Charlotte (Kristin Davis) along with her three gal pals Carrie, Miranda Hobbes, and Samantha Jones, all grew on viewers and eventually became household names because of their distinct personalities.

The television series ran for six seasons on HBO and spawned two film adaptations and a prequel spin-off titledThe Carrie Diaries.”

Kristin Davis has taken to social media to further confirm that the third “Sex and the City” movie has been shelved and further expressed how she felt about it. Similar to what Parker stated in an interview with Extra, she also revealed on her official Instagram account that she was deeply frustrated that she and the rest of the production team will not be able to share the final chapter, which she explained was the conclusion of the stories of their characters.

The 52-year old American actress further expressed that she was grateful to everyone who has shown love and given them support through the years. With the final movie canceled, she said that she’ll just have the memories to treasure instead.

Kim Cattrall denies rumors

As soon as the reports of the movie getting shelved were out, the Daily Mail reported that actress Kim Cattrall was to blame for the cancellation of the final film because Kim Cattrall had demanded Warner Bros produce her other films.

Kim Cattrall reportedly walked away from the movie when the said studio refused her requests.

Cattrall, who played the role of the feisty Samantha, denied the rumors and insisted that the only demand she ever made with the studio was the making of the third “Sex and the City” film. The actress has also refrained from disclosing the real reason behind the cancellation but have continued to air out her sentiments on her official Twitter account.