A reunion of "Teen Mom 2" cast didn't end well, which resulted in more drama between Jenelle Evans, her husband David Eason, and Jenelle's mother, Barbara. Because of this, the production was temporarily shut down. After news about it erupted online, Jenelle shared her story about what happened during the taping.

Hours after the intriguing "Teen Mom 2" reunion, Jenelle posted a live Instagram video where she explained what happened on Oct. 21. According to her, she came to do a live video to talk about the things that happened last night. The newlywed wanted to clarify her side of the story, which put her in a bad light.

David pulled a knife

Jenelle said that an article from The Ashley's Reality Production website wrote that the production was shut down because she and her husband were acting crazy. The article also claimed that a huge fight occurred backstage during the reunion. What made it more controversial is the action of David when he pulled out a knife.

According to the mother of three, David got angry when they denied to give him an alcoholic drink. So he went outside and popped some balloons before leaving. The Ashley's Reality Production website further revealed that David had a meltdown since he was cut off from the bar due to intoxication. Like what Jenelle said, he popped some balloons, but he used his pocket knife to do that, which scared the cast and crew of "Teen Mom 2."

The production team was concerned that David managed to bring a knife inside the venue even after being inspected upon entry.

The outlet added that no one thought that the festive celebration will turn into a mess because of David's action.

Jenelle's issue with her mother

Aside from that, Jenelle was also involved in some trouble. She told US Weekly that she was upset that her mom Barbara Evans hugged Ashley Lanhart, the new girlfriend of her ex, Nathan Griffith.

She asked why Ashley is being filmed, but Griffith's girlfriend cursed her. The reality star also claimed that she was pinned against the wall and was told to leave.

She further revealed that Nathan's mother, Doris was rude to her which angered David. Her husband and Doris then screamed to each other. She also tried to speak to her estranged mother.

But her mom lectured her that she is being abused, and is even worse now than the time she was taking drugs. Jenelle then confronted her mother about hugging Ashley.

With all this drama, it definitely shows that the taping for the "Teen Mom 2" reunion is indeed intense. But what is important is that everyone is safe even if a knife was pulled out.