While her sisters are busy with their own families, Jana Duggar is also occupied with different chores and work in the house. But this does not mainly involve dishwashing, cooking, or babysitting. In fact, Jana can do many other creative things.

Fans feel sorry for the Duggar sibling since unlike her sisters, she cannot go to places and explore. This is because of the strict religious belief of the Duggar Family. But fans are impressed that Jana has a talent that the world needs to see.

The next Joanna Gaines?

Jessa Duggar once compared Jana to Joanna Gaines of HGTV's "Fixer Upper" because of her talent in interior design and gardening.

One project that impressed many is how she redesigned Jill and Derick's guest house. In order to decorate a boring black wall, she added three dark-colored planks of wood on it, giving the living room a rustic touch.

Aside from that, she also has a beautiful garden with plots and an outdoor sitting area that has dramatic string lights around it. In 2015, she created a Christmas display wherein she drew figures of Joseph and Mary. She also made impressive Fall decor in their backyard with pumpkins, scarecrows, and hays. It shows off a large wood plank painted with a spiritual phrase.

Jana also made a wall decor for their home by using an old fence board, painted sticks, and some jute strings.

She can even repair the shower head without the help of the Duggar boys. Indeed, she could follow the footsteps of Gaines, but only if she is allowed to have her own career.

Fans impressed with Jana's talent

Fans think that Jana could make millions if she opens her own Etsy store with the things she makes. Others suggested that she can even create a website or blog of her own where she can show off her creations.

In Touch Weekly wrote that Jana could actually make money with her talent and not just do these things for free for her family.

Followers of the Duggar family also said that Jana doesn't deserve to be treated as a babysitter and maid. Instead, she should be allowed to have her own career, especially that she has a talent in decorating and arts.

Jana's alleged suitor

In another news, fans are eager to know more about Caleb Williams who is linked to Jana. According to The Hollywood Gossip, Caleb is already spending time with the Duggars since he was invited by Jim Bob to watch a football game. He also shared a picture in which he is holding Anna and Josh Duggar's baby.

Many are hoping that Jana Duggar will finally find a husband so she can travel the world and use her talent to have a career of her own. Is Caleb her future husband?