Iggy Azalea faces a lawsuit over an unpaid Credit Card debt amounting to $300,000. The Australian rapper was sued by American Express. E! News reported that the “Fancy” rapper owes exactly $299,147.81. The debt of Azalea, born Amethyst Kelly, is said to be $250,000 more than her credit card’s limit. The card was obtained by the female rapper two years ago. Aside from the $300,000, American Express is also hoping that Azalea pays their legal fees for bringing the action to court, XXL shared.

What caused financial trouble?

Azalea has not yet commented on the reports but this is not the first time she has been involved in legal trouble.

According to E! News, the former fiancée of Golden State Warriors player Nick Young had another financial burden last year. The 27-year-old had to pay a $400,000 tax lien to the United States. She said in a statement last year that she actually opted to pay the IRS monthly instead of paying them at one time.

Azalea has not released a new album in two years now nor has she released any new singles. Urpoxx reported that she is promoting her upcoming album titled “Digital Distortion” but it does not have a release date yet. To add up to her not-so-lucky year, her tour was cancelled because of the online backlash she received stemming from comments she made. Azalea also broke up with and ended her engagement with Young after a cheating scandal leaked online.

Azalea shows off fancy lifestyle on social media

Azalea has always showed off her wealth and her fancy lifestyle on her social media accounts. From fur coats and jewelry to private jets and luxury cars. She has a number of luxury cars including a white Ferrari. She also revealed that she has spent a lot of money on cosmetic surgery to enhance her breasts.

According to Daily Mail, she had breast enhancement and a nose job in 2015. She revealed that she thought about it her entire life and decided to get it done. She did not want to deny it because she did not want to keep a secret from her fans.

What is she busy with now?

Azalea might be shifting from the music industry to modelling.

She just signed a modelling contract with Wilhelmina.

As for her new album, she did say that the release date was cancelled a couple of times and did not inform fans in terms of when it will coming out. She also teased that Azealia Banks will be featured on her new album. The pair have had feuds in the past and many believe that their collaboration could spark curiosity among their fans.