Jana Duggar is the perennially single Duggar daughter, which has fans continually speculating about her life. Being single at 27 is no big deal for most women, however for Jana Duggar, it is a little bit bizarre considering most of her siblings married before or near their 20th birthday. Because Jana is always single, fans are constantly hooking her up with any man who is in a photo with her or any guy who seems like he might be a good match. She was even, for a while, rumored to be courting Tim Tebow because of his deep religious convictions that are somewhat similar to that of the Duggars.

Fans have now told Jana that it is the time she gets out of the garden and finds herself a man.

Jana's life is critiqued

One of the drawbacks to being on a national TV show most of your life is that everyone has an opinion on your life. Jana, unfortunately, is unable to escape that. The 27-year-old still lives with her parents, due to the strict religious beliefs that seem to forbid children from leaving the nest until they have found that special someone.

However, it has been speculated that her twin, John David, lives away from the family, so it is possible it is only female Duggar children who live at home. Some have stated that Jana still lives at home because of Michelle Duggar, her mother, needs her help to raise all of the children.

But Jana seems to be making the most of it and has created a pretty awesome garden on the property. It seems that being single has given her ample time to create an amazing display that yielded a large harvest for the family to enjoy together.

'Find yourself a man'

Jana has admitted previously that being single in a family where everyone gets married so young and has babies immediately hasn't always been easy.

She is the oldest Duggar girl and has alluded to the fact that all of her close-in-age sisters being married has sometimes made her feel like a bit of an outsider. She has stated that it is very difficult to wait for her prince charming, as being patient has meant she has waited almost decade longer than her younger sister, Joy-Anna had to do.

Some fans have explicitly told Jana that it is

Some fans have explicitly told Jana that it is time she "gets herself out of the garden" and that she should "find herself a man." However, this may not be an incredibly easy task for her. Some have even speculated that Jana could be a lesbian and that the Duggar Family, who would be very embarrassed by this, has kept it a well-hidden secret. #CelebrityTV