Ed Sheeran has found himself at the center of the media as he was injured in a minor accident. The singer was traveling around London on his bike when the incident occurred. According to the Daily Mail, several reports were released stating that the singer was in the hospital. Fans were relieved to hear that the accident was not serious and are glad that Sheeran is now at home recovering. However, the singer did have some bad news for his fans about his upcoming tour dates.

The star can no longer play

According to the Daily Mail, singer Ed Sheeran can no longer perform after an accident left him with a fractured right wrist and left elbow.

It has been confirmed that the singer was cycling his bike through London when the incident first happened. A car drove into Sheeran and knocked him off his bike. The ambulance was called and arrived immediately on the scene. Fortunately, Sheeran only suffered minor injuries compared to what could have unfolded at the time of the accident.

According to the BBC, Ed Sheeran released the news about his injuries on social media. At this time, the singer was unsure of how bad his injuries were and posted an image of his cast arm to Instagram. Fans immediately began to worry that his upcoming tours, beginning in Asia, would subsequently be canceled. The singer explained that he was going to see his doctor and that he would inform his fans as to his tours status as soon as possible.

Since then Sheeran has had to cancel his tour dates, as he is unable to play for at least a month. The singer posted his sincere apologies to social media and explained to his fans that he and his team are currently looking at his tour dates. The singer is trying to see what tours he will be able to play and which ones are going to be canceled indefinitely.

He canceled his upcoming tour dates

However, the BBC has confirmed that Ed Sheeran has had to cancel his upcoming tour dates because of his injuries. Due to the nature of the injuries that he received, Sheeran is no longer able to play his guitar. The singer is known for his intimate performances where he simply stands on the stage singing and playing his guitar.

The singer was seen earlier today heading to his agency's office to confirm he would no longer be able to provide his fans with his music.

In a report by the Daily Mail, Sheeran has confirmed that he is hoping to be back on stage in four weeks. Sheeran will have to undergo weeks of physiotherapy to correct his injuries once his sling is removed. However, he remains optimistic about the situation, stating that for now, he is taking the time to recover.

There has been no further information released about Ed Sheeran's later tours and fans are hoping that he might be able to make some of his later dates.