Blac Chyna has turned on the entire Kardashian Family. Blac Chyna went out with Rob Kardashian for a few months before falling pregnant with his child. The pair soon began a Reality Tv Series together in order to make money. However, their relationship soon turned sour leading to several allegations between the two. Chyna has now filed to sue the entire Kardashian family claiming that they directly targeted her in some of their actions.

Chyna feels targeted by the family

According to the BBC, Blac Chyna has filed a lawsuit against the Kardashian family, as she believes that they have directly targeted her.

Chyna has claimed that she has suffered at the hands of the Kardashians, in particular, her ex Rob Kardashian. She has made allegations of domestic and emotional abuse against her former partner and has brought up the vengeful release of her private photos online by Rob.

In a report by The Grapevine, Chyna has also accused the Kardashian family of using their fame against her. She strongly believes that the entire family intentionally targeted her including Kris Jenner. There have been documents submitted to the courts stating that the Kardashian family talked badly Blac Chyna online and shared their hatred for her.

Chyna has revealed that she received several messages from fans of the Kardashians.

This would not have happened if the celebrities had not shared their concerns about Chyna and Rob's relationship. Chyna's attorney has confirmed that his client is taking the Kardashian's to court in order to get justice for his client.

The celebrity's TV series was targeted

According to the Grapevine, Blac Chyna has provided the courts with proof that the Kardashian tried to cancel her reality TV series.

Chyna and Rob began their own reality TV series based on their turbulent relationship. However, it appears that not all of the Kardashian's were on board with their brother's show. Evidence has been provided which suggests that his sisters tried to get the second season of the show canceled.

Chyna has revealed that footage for the second season has already been shot.

She has complained that not only are the Kardashian's attacking her image, they are also attacking her career. Chyna has stated that this is because she is the mother of Rob Kardashian's child.

In a report by the BBC, Rob Kardashian has also claimed that Blac Chyna abused him when they were together. He has filed claims against his former partner and has stated that she has kept him apart from his daughter.

In a report by E! the future of Blac Chyna's show was brought into consideration when Rob and Chyna could not be in the same room together. Blac Chyna has not responded to these claims.